Faced with the policies implemented by the new Democratic President Joe Biden in favor of abortion and taxpayer funding for its practices, a group of conservative legislators introduced a bill to limit abortion advances. They seek to prevent abortions in cases of prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Rep. Ron Estes (R-Kan.), and Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), according to the official website of the U.S. Representatives, introduced a new bill that, among other things, would allow family members of children aborted based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome to take civil action against abortion providers.

The bill seeks to honor the rights of people with Down syndrome by prohibiting doctors at the federal level from performing an abortion motivated by a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome of the unborn child.

“It’s tragic that in the United States babies are being targeted simply because they have one more chromosome,” said Estes. “This legislation is about ensuring the rights of individuals with disabilities are protected.”

The legislation also prohibits anyone from forcing a woman to have an abortion because the baby has Down syndrome. Violators can face a fine, a prison sentence of up to five years or both. 

The statistics on abortions of babies with Down syndrome is truly alarming. Babies with such a prenatal diagnosis face a 67% abortion rate in the United States.

As reported by The Federal List, eight states have already enacted such legislation aimed at banning discriminatory abortion on the basis of Down syndrome.

The bill is backed by pro-life personalities and organizations such as Susan Anthony List, National Right to Life, and the National Pro-Life Alliance. If passed, the bill will undoubtedly help reduce the genocidal annihilation of one of the most vulnerable sectors of our society. 

According to Worldometer, in 2020 abortion was again the No. 1 cause of death worldwide with 42.7 million unborn human beings killed by abortions.

For comparison Breitbart also reported that 8.2 million people died from cancer, 1.7 million from AIDS and there were more than 1 million suicides.

The numbers are chilling: more human beings died from abortion than deaths from cancer, malaria, AIDS, tobacco-related diseases, alcohol, and traffic accidents combined.

President Biden had already announced on the campaign trail that he would make it a priority to advance abortion policies in the United States and around the world. It did not take him long to fulfill this promise. Within 10 days of taking office he began issuing executive orders aimed at fulfilling the leftist agenda of abortion on a grand scale.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was the one who announced the decision of the new administration in statements to the World Health Organization, guaranteeing that the legislation that former President Trump imposed on government funding to organizations that promote and practice abortion in the United States and abroad was prevented, would be reversed.

The world’s largest abortion organization, Planned Parenthood, expects to recover tens of millions of dollars in federal funding following Biden’s announcements promising to reverse President Trump’s pro-life policies that cut off its access to taxpayer dollars.

During 2019 alone, the organization lost $60 million after President Trump severed the Planned Parenthood Program, as he did with any organization that engages in abortion promotion or practices, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.