The Department of State (DOS) of Democratic President Joe Biden deleted the web page describing the Chinese Communist Party’s abuses against the Uighur ethnic minority, described as genocide by three countries: the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, and rejected by many others. 

The page hosted on the DOS platform specified in five parts: What’s Happening in Xinjiang, Forced population control, Forced labor, Violations of religious freedom, and Secretary Pompeo’s Statements, according to The National Pulse of March 23. 

Now anyone who wants to access the page only finds the notice: “We apologize for the inconvenience … .”

Previously the description contained, “The Chinese Communist Party is waging a targeted campaign against Uyghur women, men, and children, and members of other Turkic Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang, China.”

It added, “Documented human rights abuses include coercive population control methods, forced labor, arbitrary detention in internment camps, torture, physical and sexual abuse, mass surveillance, family separation, and repression of cultural and religious expression,” according to an archived version. 

The inexplicable removal of this website gives the impression of going in the direction of mitigating, if not ignoring, the human rights violations perpetrated by the CCP, not only against the Uighurs but against religious disciplines such as Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, and all others. 

In the same direction of minimizing these crimes would go Biden’s assertion that these are just cultural issues, which could almost set up a kind of alliance with the CCP, in which its violations are ignored. 

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself expressed offense and absolutely condemned President Joe Biden’s comments referring to them as different cultural “norms.”

“This isn’t about different cultures or different norms. This is about a deep human rights violation,” Pompeo said, contradicting Biden.

He added, “To hear an American president talk about it in such a way that doesn’t connote to all the seriousness with which this must be taken is disheartening,” Pompeo said, adding, “And I hope the administration will take it seriously in the same way that we did when we were in office.”

Likewise, One America News reporter Jack Posobiec asserted that this part of Biden’s address is propaganda for the CCP. 

“Joe Biden just said the Uyghur genocide is just a Chinese cultural norm and reminded Americans that China has been victimized by the West in the past. These are direct CCP propaganda lines,” Posobiec tweeted.

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