Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), claimed the alleged “right” to override the will of the voters, and grant a seat or dismiss whoever she saw fit.

She said so, as she prepared to strip the rightful appointment of Iowa Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a legally certified elected representative, as recorded in a video published by Bloomberg on March 25. 

Hundreds of comments rejected Pelosi’s attitude calling her statement an abuse of power. 

One of them is very clear, “Wow.  This is [expletive removed] unbelievable.  This is the BIGGEST ABUSE OF POWER I think I’ve ever seen,” said someone in the audience.

Another of the network’s users questions whether it will be that Pelosi has been fraudulently appointed to office, given that “no one likes her,” but she is still there.

“She keeps getting elected even though apparently no one likes her … is she another politician using Biden’s voter fraud organization?” wrote Ashley. 

To someone else, Pelosi is overstepping her bounds in office, noting that it is the citizens who assign her duties. 

“As her employers, We The People, should tell her exactly what her rights are, as they pertain to her office. This woman/shapeshifting reptilian is a menace,” said Michael Roming. 

The fact of the matter is that Miller-Meeks was elected, beating Democratic candidate Rita Hart by six votes, as corroborated by a hand count of the ballots.

But Hart, instead of going to court to have the election and its results reviewed, asked her fellow Democrats in the Democratic-majority House to do so.

Apparently “Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s crooked lawyer [from the law firm of] Perkins Coie, is behind the effort to steal the Iowa seat,” contends alternative media outlet The Gateway Pundit.  

Citing also that Elias asked a Democratic committee to “exercise its discretion to depart from Iowa law” and overturn results favorable to Miller-Meeks that had already been certified in his state.

After Hart assured that she accepted the results and would not contest them, she changed her mind a month later when she asked Democrats to revise the vote and overturn it to give her the seat.

Hart’s records shownthat she received $3,180 from the Confucius International Education Group and $2,135 from the Pangaea International Academy, both linked to the Chinese Communist Party, according to Fox News.

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