The first debate between the candidates for president of the United States is only one week away. President Trump told Fox News Monday that he is preparing for a debate with Joe Biden, with whom he spared no criticism and accused Biden of having done less for the United States in 47 years of politics than he did in 47 months of his presidency. 

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Sept. 21, President Trump was extremely confident and calm about the upcoming debates. 

When Trump was asked how he considered his political rival on the debate stage, he first responded, referring to Biden’s the political background and because he is a good professional, he assumes he is in a position to debate, but then confessed he does not understand why Biden is not answering questions in public and that in the previous debates in which he participated he did not play a good role at all. 

Speaking about the differences in the amount of campaign funds in favor of the Democrats during the interview, the president didn’t seem worried in the least, on the contrary, he said he felt at ease because he did not owe any favors to anyone. 

Former Vice President Biden’s campaign advisers reported Sunday that in early September they had $466 million in the bank for the campaign, from their own fundraising.

President Trump’s campaign manager, Tim Murtaugh, announced that the president’s re-election team and the Republican Party had $325 million at the beginning of the month. That is approximately $141 million less than the money available to Biden.

“They’ve always had more money than the Republicans,” Trump acknowledged on Monday. ‘It’s sort of a funny thing. We have a lot, but … look, when I ran against crooked Hillary, I had 25% of the money that she had and nobody ever talked about that.” He went on to say, “I was actually criticized after I won the election. They said, ‘You know, you didn’t have the money, didn’t raise as much money as her.’ Yeah, but I won.”

He also said that if they need money, by making some calls he could get a lot in a very short time. However, he prefers not to do that so as not to feel indebted to anyone or any sector. This way they only get money from people who voluntarily and genuinely wanted to do it.

He took the pharmaceutical industry as an example, saying that he has a great interest in his second term as president, to generate a considerable drop in the prices of medicines and that he will be able to do it without any concern or feeling pressured because they never gave him any money. 

“I’m not indebted to the drug companies,” Trump said on Monday. “They have such control over politicians.” He added, “I’m sure they gave a lot of money to the Democrats.”

According to a Washington Post report, President Trump is not worried about preparing too much for next week’s event. He has not held mock debates and has no plans to do so, rather he relies on his experience as president and the sincerity of his speeches and quick responses. 

Instead, Biden is expected to have careful training in the face of the debate, given the repeated events that put him at the center of some serious mockery, for not being able to answer certain questions in public, giving erratic answers, or getting lost in his speech. 

The debate is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 29, in Cleveland, will last 90 minutes, and will not have commercial breaks. It will be divided into six 15-minute segments and the themes will be announced to the candidates at least one week in advance. 

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