A student at the Oklahoma City University (OCU) School of Law in Oklahoma received expulsion as a punishment for posting signs that said, “It’s OK to be white. His expulsion is considered an attack on freedom of speech.

Police found no evidence of a crime, and found that the unidentified student was not a threat to campus security, OCU Police Director Bill Citty said, according to local Oklahoman.

University authorities “cannot discriminate against these leaflets based on their point of view, expelling or firing people for publishing them,” said lawyer Hans Bader, after analyzing the case, according to Oklahoman.

Limiting freedom of speech is one of the projects of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who believes the government should ban the so-called offensive speech, backed by the majority of his followers, according to a One America Network video.

What Sanders’s voters are really trying to defend is the leftist discourse that considers different opinions offensive.

That goes against the First Amendment, which favors freedom of speech by stating that anyone can say whatever they want without restriction.

The censorship progressively imposed by leftists on U.S. university campuses has seriously affected freedom of expression.

Significant in this regard is the recent overwhelming success of the pro-free speech film “No safe spaces,” praised by moviegoers but hated by critics.

It is a documentary that exposes the attack on freedom of expression launched on liberal university campuses, according to The Washington Times.

It also questions that “a growing number of Americans don’t believe they have the right to say what they think if they can offend someone somewhere, in some way,” and that belief makes them look for a ‘safe space’ where ideas can be expressed freely.

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