Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Biden’s running mate, makes for the “most pro-abortion presidential ticket in the history of our nation,” said evangelist and strong supporter of President Trump Franklin Graham, son of the late Rev. Billy Graham.

“This should be a great concern to all Christians,” Graham, the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, tweeted. “As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am pro-life [and] believe every life is precious to God.”

Harris’s authoritarian instincts were apparent during her failed run for the presidency, and she has, according to the National Review, sworn to abuse executive power should Congress refuse to legislate to her approval.

Harris as a senator, co-sponsored the Women’s Health Protection Act, a piece of federal legislation that would overrule any state restrictions on abortion during the last three months of pregnancy. The bill would invalidate any state law that prohibits “abortion after fetal viability when, in the good-faith medical judgment of the treating physician, continuation of the pregnancy would pose a risk to the pregnant woman’s life or health,” reports the National Review.

Harris’s plan to override Congress

If the proposed bill doesn’t pass Congress, Harris has an aggressive plan. “We cannot tolerate a perspective that is about going backward and not understanding women have agency, women have value, women have authority to make decisions about their own lives and their own bodies,” Harris said during a Town Hall last spring.

Kristen Day of Democrats for Life of America, told “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday the anti-abortion group was “already concerned about Joe Biden and his stance on abortion,” and with the addition of Harris to Biden’s campaign, pro-life Democrats are even more concerned, as “her stance is even worse than Biden’s,” said Day.

“This is a woman for abortion in the ninth month, against the Second Amendment, against parts of the First Amendment, frankly,” Sallyanne Conway told Fox News on Wednesday. “The Democrats rejected her,” she said. “[Harris] pulled out of the race before a single vote was cast because it was Democratic voters in the primaries and caucuses who rejected her, giving rise to Biden…”

President Trump spoke with Fox News’s Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview on Tuesday, and commented that Harris is “the most liberal person, supposedly, in the Senate,” adding “I’m not sure that’s what the country wants—if it is, we’ve got problems.”

“[A] lot of people think it’s a dangerous choice,” the president said.

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