In a survey by the renowned Rasmussen company, 72% of Americans showed that the style and effectiveness of leadership of President Donald Trump is what inspires them.

Faced with the key question: “As the Republican Party reorganizes itself next year, should it be more like President Trump or more like the average GOP member of Congress?” three out of four Republicans decided that President Trump would be their model, according to Rasmussen Reports of Dec. 28. 

In this national telephone poll, 1,000 Republicans responded between Dec. 21 and 22, and among them 67% of conservatives also agreed that members of their party should assimilate the style of government demonstrated by President Trump during his positive administration.

Another significant result was achieved by African Americans, 24% of whom prefer President Trump, almost tripling the 9% who voted for him in 2016.

Equally, encouraging might be the fact that Trump has strong support among blue-collar men. 

From this survey, he is the undisputed leader of his party, and he earned popular support by keeping his 2016 election promises, summarized in the slogan Make America Great Again, symbolized by the acronym MAGA.  

Other polls show the favoritism of Republicans close to President Trump, including Vice President Mike Pence and his son Donald Trump Jr. who are even considered alternative candidates.

President Trump also inspires some Republican leaders, including Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, who said that “a big chunk” of Republicans will continue to listen to the president once he leaves office.

“He certainly has an oversized voice in the party. … There’s no question that he’s not going away [after Inauguration Day], and there’s going to be a big chunk of the Republican Party that’s going to still follow his Twitter page and listen to what he has to say,” Hogan said in an interview with George Stephanopoulos in “This Week” on Dec. 27.

He added, “There’s an awful lot of people that want to be the next Donald Trump,” which could be interpreted as the opening of a new phase in national politics, inspired by the love and work done by the president during the last four years for his country.

However, he has yet to vindicate the electoral will of the nearly 75 million Americans who decided that President Trump should be re-elected in 2020, so the next few weeks could be the most intense in U.S. political history.

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