A recent Hill-Harris X poll found that 64% of Republicans would follow former President Donald Trump by joining the Patriot Party, the name of the third political party he is considering.

However, these are only a fraction because 37% of voters overall, plus 28% of independents and even 15% of Democrats said “they’d follow Mr. Trump into the third party realm,” author Jennifer Harper wrote in The Washington Times on Feb. 7. 

“If Trump were to split from the GOP and create his own party, polling suggests he might well create the second largest political party in the country, knocking the GOP down to third place,” Harris X managing director and chief pollster Dritan Nesho told Hill.TV.

For her part, co-founder of the Trump-supporting Republican group New Jersey Women for Trump, Priscilla Confrey, said that it’s not easy to manage a third party, so one option would be to try to oust Republicans called RINOs, or in name only, who are the ones hurting him.

“Our members expressed the need for term limits, which would prevent the same old privileged, career politicians to remain in Congress for a lifetime of power and self-preservation,” Confrey said.

But everything seems to indicate that Trump is orienting his political efforts on obtaining a majority in Congress by 2022, without having defined anything concrete about the Patriot Party.

This is clear from the statements of one of his top advisers, Jason Miller, who said that former President Trump “has made it clear that his goal is to take back the House and Senate for the Republicans in 2022.”

“There’s nothing that’s actively being planned regarding an effort outside of that, but it’s completely up to Republican senators if this is something that becomes more serious,” Miller said.

However, the valid option of a third party remains on the table, spurring comments from many. 

“If Trump’s clever, all he need do is hold the threat of forming a new ‘Patriot Party’ over the heads of the GOP. That will have them pulling out all the stops to follow a Trumpist agenda.”

“If Trump actually forms a new party, he splits the anti-Dem vote, and he & the GOP both lose,” commented Twitter user @BenTheBold.

For user @KaWe2024 the reality could be much more favorable to Trump, so he responds, “Wrong. He’d replace the GOP.”

Likewise, for @MeanOlLiberal the political force Trump represents could still be much more powerful than the Hill-HarrisX poll reflects, according to one of his tweets. 

“I’d say ‘Good. Go.’ but I don’t trust the other 46% to not flock to it as well, once they saw that it would mean getting Democrats in most Federal offices,” he wrote.

He added, “C’mon. You know they would. Only about 10% of GOP voters have any degree of integrity.”