Five months after taking the oath of office, Pennsylvania Rep. Fred Keller (R-PA) said he has seen Washington Democrats do nothing but focus on baseless partisan investigations that have wasted valuable time and millions of taxpayer dollars.

In an opinion piece posted in Fox News on Oct. 21, Rep. Keller described what happened in Congress since he was sworn into office in June 2019.

The Pennsylvania congressman said the House Democrats started with the “Russia Collusion” hoax but failed, and has moved to a so-called impeachment inquiry which is being conducted behind closed doors with a predetermined outcome meant to deny the will of the American people 13 months before an election.

Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the start of the impeachment probe without a vote on the House floor.

“This sham process has progressed behind closed doors while denying President Trump his due process rights, limiting the ability of the minority party to act as a check on the majority, and rejecting even the most basic standards of transparency as Washington Democrats try to undo the results of the 2016 election,” Keller wrote.

Congress members have been kicked out of non-classified hearings, while transcripts have not been released.

Keller said though he is now a member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, one of the committees spearheading the impeachment inquiry, he has been denied the opportunity to review testimony given by former Ambassador Kurt Volker.

“The American public deserves to review the facts and weigh the evidence. Instead, their elected representatives are being denied access to vital information while Democrats selectively leak testimony intended to drive their impeachment narrative,” the lawmaker wrote.

Rep. Fred Keller meets with constituent Colleen Fritz in his office on Sept. 25. (Fred Keller Twitter)

The current impeachment inquiry has not only had an alarming impact on the government, but it is also presenting the immediate and practical effect on Congress, Keller said.

“While Speaker Pelosi said that the 116th Congress would be one that unifies, rather than divides our nation, her leadership – or lack thereof – has put real legislating at a standstill,” he wrote.

Keller indicated that the House continues to have measures that could turn into real game-changers for the American workers, families and the economy, “but Speaker Pelosi’s impeachment morass has overshadowed lawmaking, divided her own caucus, and alienated Republicans.”

“This is not a fruitful environment for working together to achieve great things for the American people,” he continued.

Keller, who also serves on the House Education and Labor Committee, said he is appalled that Congress is consumed with impeachment instead of legislating.

Rep. Fred Keller (right) meets with Tioga County Commissioner Erick Coolidge and Pennsylvania dairy farmer Lolly Lesher on Sept. 25 about how the USMCA can help their dairy industry. (Fred Keller Twitter)

According to the freshman, Congress has the opportunity to pass real, meaningful legislation this fall, such as the USMCA trade agreement to help farmers and manufacturing sectors, a bipartisan infrastructure bill to pave the way to better roads and bridges, and an immigration reform to help end the security and humanitarian crisis on the border.

“Unfortunately for them, Democrats want impeachment over improvement and have traded unity for uselessness,” Keller lamented.

“It’s time to stop the nonsense, it’s time to stop the madness, it’s time to stop this opaque inquiry and sham process for the benefit of the American people,” he urged.

The lawmaker said his constituents have repeatedly complained that they are sick of the way this non-transparent inquiry is going and the fact that Congress fails to do anything other than focus on tearing down the duly-elected president.