Over the last few days, news of a great number and very serious irregularities were reported in different parts of the country. The Trump campaign released a file with more than 200 pages in which there is a compilation of a large number of sworn statements that attest to different fraud situations in the state of Michigan. 

The campaign delivered those affidavits on Tuesday, Nov. 10, to some members of the media and they quickly went viral. At the same time, they were submitted to authorities to be investigated and used as evidence in election fraud complaints.

One of the testimonies written by Articia Bomer, an election worker, states, “At approximately 4:50 a.m. I witnessed a man spraying a chemical on a ballot counting machine. He then placed twenty-seven ballots into the machine and I noticed tape on the top of the ballot where a ballot number would normally be. Throughout the night I witnessed him insert these same 27 ballots at least five times.” 

A common complaint among several of the testimonies is that Republican poll workers were not allowed access to the records needed to properly contest some ballots.

Several testimonies also said that no signature checks were made on absentee ballots, to contrast that the person who cast the vote was actually the person in question and not someone else.

Anita Chase, a Detroit citizen, claims that she verified the voter records and discovered that her deceased son, identified as Mark D. Chase, is listed as a voter in the 2020 presidential election. 

Another witness said that in her county, Republican poll watchers were threatened with racial harassment, pushed out of the way, while other Democratic poll watchers handed in documents that told them how to distract the Republican poll watchers.

One can also read that much of the testimony alleged intimidation and hostility toward Republican poll workers, including in many cases a ban on approaching from adequate distances to observe ballot tampering.

“We continue to hear requests for where the evidence for the fraud is, but right here 234 pages of affidavits, from real people, real accusations, signed by notaries,” White House press secretary McEnany said on Fox News’ Sean Hannity program Tuesday when she presented the reports.

“The president wants justice for the more than 72 million forgotten men and women in this country,” McEnany concluded. 

Finally, the documentation was delivered by the Trump campaign in the corresponding court in Michigan, as evidential material of the lawsuit carried out for electoral fraud in different counties of the state.

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