Several GOP representatives urged the president to “reevaluate his priorities” and prioritize the supply chain crisis ahead of new social spending on Oct. 20.

A total of 160 Republicans felt compelled to write to Joe Biden after witnessing the devastating impact of a national logistics crisis.

“Mr. President, we think it is time for you to step up and reevaluate your administration’s priorities,” they said in an open letter shared on Twitter. “We must address the supply chain and ports crisis before Congress even considers any additional social spending and taxation legislation.”

The letter, co-signed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee ranking member Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.), proposes resolving the supply chain matter before the next economic stimulus package–which expands social safety net programs and infrastructure spending.

“We refuse to stand by and watch as your administration dilutes America’s ability to ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods, people, and services throughout our transportation network,” the letter said.

Republicans strongly criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and other Democrats for misusing infrastructure as a “trojan horse to push radical policies.”

“[This will only] make it more difficult and expensive for families to find or afford basic goods, and for businesses to continue the long road to recovery from the pandemic,” they said.

U.S. industries face serious supply chain bottlenecks, especially when it comes to materials and workers. Consumers face empty store shelves and higher retail prices, impacting on their prosperity.

Nearly 250,000 shipping containers are still waiting on docks due to delayed collections, a truck shortage and lack of storage space in rail yards and warehouses. Dozens of ships are backed up outside the port according to Reuters.

“We must address the global supply chain and ports crisis before Congress even considers additional social spending and taxation legislation,” the letter said. “Our priority right now should be strengthening our nation’s economy and increasing our global competitiveness.”

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