At The BL (The Beauty of Life), our mission is to present to the world the most beautiful aspects of life. We focus on content that represents fundamental moral standards and values, to enlighten all who prefer to be inspired.

We uphold traditional cultures and upright beliefs.

Truth in Content is our purpose, Compassion in our Hearts is how we work and live, Forbearance is our Calling.

Inspiring morality is the world’s best chance of surviving, so we are proud to be a part of the inspiration toward a more peaceful and prosperous world for all.

Today’s world of limitless access to information has everyone looking for a media company that does what we do: TRUTH IN CONTENT.

Our Staff:

Orysia McCabe – Editor in Chief
Chris Ford – Editor / Politics

Cesar Munera – Politics
Celeste Caminos – Politics
Dan Knight – Politics
Margaret Trey – Politics
Ben Rogers – Politics
Sandra Flores – Politics
David Rojas – Politics
David Bright – Politics
Miguel Diaz – Politics
Richard Szabo – Politics
Andrew Wonder – Politics
Liwei Fu – Politics / Opinions
Jose Ignacio Hermosa – Politics
Ann Wilson – Politics
Helen Luan – Politics
Jack Sanders – Politics
William Salcedo – Politics
Charles Sydney – Politics
Yamila Cortez – Politics
Walter Zhang – Politics – China Expert

Matt Tullar – Host – Politics
Rich Crankshaw – Host – Politics
Angela Anderson – Host – Politics
Tina Sofos – Host – Politics

Sophie Sanders – Breaking news
Valley Jones – Breaking news
Robert Wilson – Breaking news
Jane Alexander – Breaking news
Lea Campbell – Breaking news
Sam Smith – Breaking news
Bella Williams – Breaking news

Molly Vella – Art / Culture
Louise Bevan – Art / Culture
Lucy Acebes – Art / Culture
Robert Warren – Art / Culture

Patrick Mauler – Producer
Aurora Li – Video editor
Alan Do – Video editor
Agnes Pham – Video editor
Water Nguyen – Video editor
Bella Alice – Video editor
Tom Vu – Video editor
Chris Chapptu – Video editor
Amber Thai – Video editor

Marketing Team (11)

Marketing Tech (4)

Tech Team (3)

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