The well-known media USA TODAY was forced to delete a series of tweets that promoted a note in which the author provided “new scientific data” that assures that pedophilia is not a perversion but inherited already in the mother’s womb.

USA TODAY joins the list of progressive media that, with different approaches, have tried to convince people that sexually abusing innocent children whose goodness and purity is completely ruined under the trauma of being subjected by a pervert. The New York Times, Vice, and Salon tried the same thing on previous occasions.

Fortunately, there is still a sense of justice that allows people to distinguish the good from the bad and the righteous from the wicked.

Such was the case for USA TODAY’s failed attempt when this Wednesday, Jan. 12, it published a series of tweets linked to a “health and wellness” piece titled “The complicated research behind pedophilia;” note that the original title was “What the public keeps getting wrong about pedophilia.”

As the media outlet deleted its initial tweet, people’s reactions are no longer displayed on Twitter.

In her note, Alia Dastagir begins her argument by turning to science, a tool widely used today by mainstream media and governments when it comes to convincing people that things must be so because “science says so.”

“Pedophilia is viewed as among the most horrifying social ills. But scientists who study the sexual disorder say it is also among the most misunderstood.”

Perhaps in an attempt to appeal to people’s false goodness, the journalist presents the idea that we should not see pedophiles as “abusers” because not everyone is an abuser, and calling them that creates a bias or prejudice towards them.

However, it is more practical to think about the reality of what would happen. As long as a person accepts the attraction to children and society condones it, this can only have one outcome—pedophiles will abuse children—just as perverts rape women.

According to the note, a so-called doctor named James Cantor claims that pedophilia is “innate” and “neurological.” However, as expected, the “evidence” is just the doctor’s understanding or reading of specific data, and the article goes deep into the subjective part.

What evidence could neurology possibly provide when science only seems to work for specific purposes these days?

The perversion of man results from the loss of moral values and man’s disconnection with heaven. Therefore, the only solution is for man to become virtuous again, embracing the teachings of our ancestors.

The journalist also elaborates on some other “experts” on the subject from world-renowned universities who continue to claim that it is not something that is “chosen;”—please forgive them and let them abuse your children. The stigma must be removed so that pedophiles are finally out in the open to society, which could result in the pathology being treated and eradicated.

Pedophilia should never be accepted by society because we would cease to be humane and become a society of perverts.

The purity and innocence of children is an element that humanity must not lose and must protect above all else.

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