A group of Marxist students at Princeton University in New Jersey, USA, launched a campaign against the author of a book criticizing the advancement of the transgender movement, saying that part of the ‘socialist struggle’ is to fight repression of the LGBT movement, even though communist regimes are known for persecuting and killing homosexuals.

Abigail Shrier, author of the book ‘Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters’ gave a talk for students at the elite university in Princeton, New Jersey, to discuss the content of her work, which revolves around how the transgender movement is being aggressively pushed in schools, college campuses and by large corporations through their advertising campaigns.

The Marxist student group Revolutionary Student Action protested the talk, which for security reasons had to be held at an unknown location only communicated to attendees, accusing the author of being ‘transphobic.’

According to the Free Beacon, the group handed out flyers that read “LGBT oppression has a central role in maintaining the capitalism means of production,” and “The liberation of the working class IS liberation from gender oppression!”

Marxist students, who are not officially recognized by the university, claim that fighting ‘LGBT oppression’ is part of the ‘struggle for a socialist future.’

Although it is difficult to find the connection between defending the LGBT community from criticism and the socialist struggle, it is precisely in countries with communist regimes that homosexuals are most severely persecuted.

It is widely known that totalitarian communist regimes such as China arrest, repress, and persecute homosexuals because of their sexuality.

The infamous Che Guevara, an Argentine socialist who joined Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to take political power in Cuba, was dedicated to executing homosexuals who allegedly took to the streets to prostitute themselves in Cuba, according to Cuban dissidents who witnessed these events, which are certainly censored when it comes to praising Che Guevara.

Acción Revolucionaria Estudiantil (RSA) is an offshoot of the Workers’ Voice, an openly Marxist organization that believes that “capitalism can only be overcome by a socialist revolution.’ Its website says the group’s mission is to “pave the road to communism” and a “classless society free of exploitation and oppression.”

However, precisely in communist countries like China, North Korea, Cuba, etc., are the places where there is the most repression and exploitation because private property does not exist and it is the state that controls everything, the people are totally subjected to the will of the rulers, who, by the way, are not elected by the will of the people.

In fact, LGBT groups and supporters organized a counter-event and some students harassed and assaulted those who confirmed would assist Shrier’s talk in an attempt to censor and cancel the event, far from the ‘oppression free’ principles promoted by the Marxist group.

The event was organized by conservative students, Open Campus Coalition, who disavowed RSA’s attempts to cancel the talk instead by calling for debate of topics deemed controversial.

“We are thrilled that the event itself took place without disruption, but the visceral reaction of certain Princeton community members is indicative of an ailing culture surrounding open discourse and robust dialogue,” said Myles McKnight, president of the Open Campus Coalition. “We feel that students should be excited to engage with differing points of view on controversial issues about which reasonable people disagree.”

For her part the author of the book, far from being intimidated, posted the talk on her blog, and in her message demonstrated an understanding of what she is doing:

“You don’t have to be a troll to find yourself in the center of controversy. You need only be two things: effective and unwilling to back down.”

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