The Swamp’s In Your Backyard—P1: School’s A Fraud—First Half

Dear fellow Americans, I’m sure by now that almost all of you have heard of the widespread corruption in Washington known as the deep state or the swamp that President Trump has promised to drain and drains as we speak. His promises made, promises kept theme is a source of tremendous hope for us all. No question about that.

Just this week, Attorney General William Barr indicted eight individuals for illegally funneling foreign money to Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, Hillary Clinton, Jon Tester, Cory Booker, and several other Democrat senators. Also, according to testimony in a civil suit filed in Florida, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has been accused of being a paid agent of the government of Qatar and using her position in Congress to access sensitive information for the benefit of Iran. According to the Heritage Guide to the Constitution, under common law, punishment for treason generally included drawing, hanging, beheading, and quartering. Remember, the Rosenbergs’ espionage convictions brought death sentences to that married couple who were executed by electric chair in 1953.

Many of you already understand the main reason why many powerful Democrats, a couple of Republicans, the corporate mainstream media, as well as countless not yet identified government bureaucrats are engaged in a continuous collaborative and sometimes down right crazy effort to remove our president. They are dirty and terrified of being exposed, fear the disgrace of their rotten behavior, and are concerned for their futures including the possibility of large fines and longterm imprisonment.


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Little known secret

These days, all your dirty leftist participants are deeply concerned that they will be found out, cut-off from the tax money they so enjoy being compensated with, and are worried about the shame of adding their greedy fuel to the fire attempting to burn down our great America way. However, I have a little known secret to share with you that gets almost no coverage even by the most reputable journalist or politician of integrity. Here it is. The swamp is in your own backyard no matter where you live. First and foremost, it’s on your television and of course, this is of no real surprise to most of you, especially you older baby boomers. I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion.

You’ve been watching this degeneration of our society for years. Attributes of the deep state are advocated on TV in the form of fake news turning a blind eye, disseminating disinformation, or just plain lies, biased or wicked films and regular programing promoting all kinds of decadent behavior as normal, and of course, via famous celebrities and late night talk show hosts preaching hate for the President. I’m sure many of you recognize their leftist agenda to have their way at the expense of our American traditions. Does anyone say grace before dinner anymore?

Meanwhile, where do the people that write, create, produce, and promote this agenda actually come from? They come from your backyard. One of the biggest contributors to our current deep state corruption is our ubiquitous American system of education and in our country, it’s everywhere, it’s pretty much the same with some minor exceptions, and that’s the problem, a big problem.

Stupid school

Our schools are cookie cutter, selfish, and inefficient breeding grounds for our own destruction. They operate counter to our widespread understanding that free-market forces, free of government, are clearly the most efficient way to conduct almost any business. Intoxicated with our tax money and drowning us in stupidity, our school graduates, on all levels, have increasingly warped understandings about sex, progressivism, capitalism, American history, communism, socialism, leftism, and Islam, just to name a few.

Our school system is outrageously expensive, subject to all kinds of political maneuvering, mismanagement, and fraud, and most significantly, too far removed from the appropriate local watch dogs. Parents of school age children, even those who pride themselves as responsible and concerned about their children’s education, are far too distant from the decision making and management process. Our public schools are an inherently inefficient system, poorly managed by elected officials and vested bureaucrats in the name of mysterious and complicated categories like ‘school funding’ or ‘support services’, and are continuously violated by all kinds of sinister inside players like Planned Parenthood or Affirmative Action acting for their own self enrichment and hidden agendas. As a result, our society marches dangerously to the left with each graduating class. Here’s an example from Minnesota early this year.

The process in Minnesota

In April 2019, the Minnesota Legislature debated an education bill and KARE11 news reporter Julie said, “At the state capital today, a debate over education and what sex ed topics should be brought up in classrooms. Political reporter John Coleman is live in St. Paul to explain what the sticking point is among lawmakers. John?” Coleman replies, “Well Julie, we’re talking about a $900 million education bill. Most of it deals with school funding and things like school safety and support services. Things like that, but as you mentioned, they did spend several hours today debating the sexual education requirement that’s in this bill.” Legislator 1 said, “Those are conversations that I need to control with my wife and to help them along.” Legislator 2 said, “And if this is something that you are not comfortable with, with your own children then definitely, you can opt out.”

While many subjects are never debated, notice how quickly this sex education subject disburses responsibilities via a complicated process involving a set of rules administered by state or local officials that are now automatically deemed curriculum experts in a completely debatable, confusing, and often controversial topic. Talk about making things ridiculously complicated, difficult to manage efficiently, and removing the parent from the process. And then, who always gets stuck with the bill and the consequences of this awful government process. That’s right, you, the taxpayer and upstanding citizen of America.

Force fed Planned Parenthood

KARE11 said, “The bill leaves it up to local school districts to design their own sex ed curriculum but would require it to be medically accurate, age appropriate, cover anatomy, reproduction, sexual development, consent, autonomy, and healthy relationships. Districts that don’t want to make their own curriculum can use a model one from the State Department of Education which has not been created yet.” Rep. Eric Lucero (R-Minn.-30B) declared, “Including relationships involving diverse sexual orientations and gender identities? That’s not biology.” Rep. Sondra Erickson (R-Minn.-15A) said, “It is the responsibility of a school to teach biology not to teach values, and not to overextend what a family believes in.” Rep. Alice Mann, a Lakeville, Minnesota Democrat, said, “How a sexually transmitted infection is transmitted is not a belief. It is a fact. Having sex gets you pregnant. That is not a belief. That is a fact.” Rep. Peggy Scott (R-Minn.-35B) said, “This is Planned Parenthood’s idea and it’s their agenda that’s going to be shoved down your kids’ throats.”

And that sure is a progressive mouthful to swallow. I contend that if we did away with our current public school monopoly and allowed a truly free market of education, then reasonably priced schools would exist all over the place, you know like restaurants, and parents would naturally choose school for their children based on a curriculum and a price they approve of. You know, like choosing a restaurant and eating out for dinner. Notice in this situation, how school districts are not even allowed to opt out and how a crafty inside player like Planned Parenthood manages to get their way in this process. Even the barring of outside instructors was struck down meaning they must be allowed. Makes one wonder if any of these legislators are financially supported by a leftist organization that also supports the likes of our pro-abortion tax funded Planned Parenthood. Maybe they want to keep Planned Parenthood strong so they can keep buying aborted baby parts.

Observe the clever application of an American socialist eduction with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in this video:


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