A Uyghur tells of the terrible ordeal he has been living since he defected from the mission to spy for the communist regime to other members of his community, who denounce the human rights abuses suffered by millions of people in China because of their ethnicity and belief while being exiled in Europe. 

Four years ago, in early 2018, Memettursun Omer left China with the secret mission to infiltrate and spy on Uyghur groups, and under the threat of dire consequences for him and his family if they cut off contact with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities.

Omer, who belongs to Xinjinag, the northwestern region of China, is now under CCP stalking in Kirkenes, a small town in Norway.

A few months before his trip to Europe, the Chinese regime had imprisoned him after he returned to China from a business trip under the pretext of interrogating him for alleged foreign connections. 

During his stay in the Chinese prison, he was brutally tortured, and subjected to constant brainwashing sections and threats of reprisals against his family in order to break him psychologically. 

When he could take no more physical and psychological torture, Omer gave in to plead guilty, so the Chinese regime forced him to sign a statement admitting he was a terrorist, and prepared him to spy for the regime, according to The Guardian. 

“Wherever you go, we can use this to show you’re a criminal and bring you back to China,” CCP thugs told him. “If you ever start to forget what we told you, just look at the moon. Wherever you can see the moon, we can find you.”

The Muslim Uighur escaped his spy activity, first traveling to Istanbul, where he married and reunited with his father, and then, after continued threats from the Chinese regime, feeling it was no longer safe to stay there, he left for Turkey and later ended up in the small Norwegian town just a few miles from the Russian border, where he arrived in January.

“We’ll kill you,” was the message his Chinese pursuers sent to his family via WhatsApp after he arrived in Turkey. “You don’t need us to tell you how we do things. We’ll deal with this problem according to our own rules,” they added, as Omer recounted. 

Surveillance has “a psychological way of crushing your mind,” Omer says. “I felt like I was still in prison. I was scared and paranoid every day.”

But Omer is not alone in living the terror of CCP threats day in and day out. The Uyghur community in Oslo claims that “close to 100%” of Uyghurs in Norway face surveillance, threats and censorship by the Chinese regime, according to The Guardian. 

Groups persecuted by the Chinese regime in China, whether for their ethnicity or their beliefs, such as practitioners of the Falun Dafa spiritual discipline (also known as Falun Gong), reveal that even in democratic countries they face the threat of the Chinese surveillance state and intimidation tactics.

Through Chinese embassies in free countries, the Chinese regime has been able to influence local state and police authorities to pressure, intimidate and censor such minorities, showing that many states are quietly accepting the authoritarian rules of a totalitarian communist country within their own democratic nations. 

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