The Chinese regime’s concealment of the outbreak of the CCP Virus for more than two months, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) negligent complacency with it, leads one to consider possible collusion to generate a global genocide.

This is the concept of researcher and journalist Shrenik Rao, based on the chronology of the spread of the virus and the behavior of the Chinese regime and the WHO, which he considers criminal given the tens of thousands of deaths caused and the uncertainty about how many more victims will fall because of the CCP Virus.

“By suppressing information and keeping the world in the dark about the spread of the disease, they have orchestrated mass murder on a global scale,” Rao said, referring to the Chinese regime and the WHO.

The economic projections are also disastrous, to the extent that in the first quarter the world economy went into recession and contracted by 12%, stock markets collapsed, and the price of oil fell by 60%.

The Chinese regime was obliged to report the outbreak of the epidemic in accordance with the international health regulations, but failed to do so, taking responsibility for the pandemic.

Similarly, given its veto power at the U.N., the Chinese regime has prevented any discussion of the issue.

Moreover, Rao believes that WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, should be dismissed from his post and that the Chinese leader Xi Jinping and the top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party should be tried for crimes against humanity.

A group of Americans led by lawyer and former prosecutor of the U.S. Department of Justice, Larry Klayman, agrees with Rao in holding the Chinese regime responsible for several crimes related to the CCP Virus.

Klayman and his group are suing the Chinese regime for using the CCP Virus as a biological weapon, which is killing American citizens and supporting terrorists.

They are demanding $20 trillion in compensation.

Such is the complicity demonstrated by the WHO with the Chinese regime that Vice Prime Minister of Japan Taro Aso, proposed that it be renamed the “Chinese Health Organization.”

“People think that the World Health Organization should change its name. It should not be called WHO, but CHO and this call is really in line with the people,” Aso said.

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