In an unprecedented case numerous users of Reddit banded together to invest in the New York stock market and made millions of dollars, against the predictions of big investors who consider belonging to the Deep State. 

“The elites are bent out of shape that a bunch of average, ordinary users have figured out how to make themselves billionaires,” noted radio host Rush Limbaugh on the unusual case according to the Jan. 29 New York Post. 

For Limbaugh, as for many analysts, the system set up by the big investors will not allow others to tempt their might and they will retaliate.

“If you figure out how to make a lot of money, and if you’re like Donald Trump and you figure out how to get elected, if you figure out how to beat the Deep State, they’re gonna come and they’re gonna wipe you out,” LImbaugh predicted.

One of the first actions taken by the Robinhood platform through which the stock was purchased was to prevent small investors on Jan. 28 from continuing to buy shares of GameStop and similarly situated companies with its sweeping system.

Robinhood then moderated its drastic measure and allowed only limited purchases, the next day. 

Limbaugh commented, “With this GameStop story, and the revelations contained in it, the elites, the same people that were hell-bent on getting rid of Donald Trump, the same people are now trying to tell you what you can or can’t do with your money.”

In the case of GameStop, on the verge of bankruptcy, users of Reddit’s Wall Street bets forum were dedicated to saving it and bought shares that went from $17.25 to $347.51, losing millions of dollars to the big investment funds that were hoping to increase their profits at the expense of the dying company. 

Apparently the amateur investors were spurred by a tweet from Elon Musk, now the world’s richest man, in which he just mentioned GameStop shares, adding the avatar of Wall Street bets, which curiously reminds one of former President Donald Trump by the looks of it. 

“What’s happening with Robinhood shows us there is an unholy alliance between big tech, big banks, and big government,” commented Rep. Mike Loychik (R-Ohio).

He added, “The elites want capitalism for themselves and socialism for the rest of us.”

The case could have such wide repercussions that even Italian journalist Cesare Saccetti sees in it a Trump strategy, to fight the deep state.  

“Trump has not given up at all. Before leaving he handed over power to the military. With GameStop then began the controlled demolition of the Deep State, he wrote in one of his tweets, in Italian. “Trump has pulled off a masterpiece. He is demolishing the system using his own enemies.”