There is an ancient saying that certain important predestinated events on this earth can only happen when three conditions are present: the right time, or a favorable time considered by the gods; the right place, or superior geographical location and conditions; the right people and the support and unity of the people. Any forced results without these three conditions will, at some point, fail.

If President Trump would have decided to run for president in 2012, he might not have won. At that time, a great majority of the American people was neither yet fully aware nor clear about Obama and what took place with the past presidents. There were suspicions, conjectures, but the majority of people never arrived at the truth, at what was really going on and what was their plan.

Considering the three conditions, obviously the people, in 2012, were not ready to choose righteously. So Obama was elected to four more years of presidency. Those four years gave the people the time to become clear on what was happening and see the truth behind the Democratic Party and really wake up. A favorable time means also when the people are awakened and know how to distinguish right from wrong.

However, even when the three conditions were present, the outcome of the third condition remains unknown. It cannot be predicted nor arranged. Why?

This is because humans possess a will. History was regulated for the human world and each person’s destiny was fixed, however, through bad and good deeds, this destiny can be changed. If the right person is there, whether he or she and their helpers would be able to unite the people under the first two conditions is unknown. It often happened in history when someone who was supposed to do something does not do it, and someone who was not arranged to do something does something, and throughout their lives, some people can become good and some can become bad.

So our will can change our destinies, even if the Gods do not change their plan, it is the people who change Gods minds by choosing, and at the end, it is all about choosing right or wrong.

Not many people realize how important we, the people, are; we decide the outcome of each event planned beforehand. Therefore, if we do not choose righteousness, the virtuous plan will be hindered, and the evil plan will be completed, as the other side also needs the three conditions to carry out its plan. And both sides have to look for the right person to appear at the right time and the people must unify and support the right person. So the third condition is the most important condition, as even if the divine hand arranges the first two conditions, when the right person could not do the right thing and there is no support from the people, then the event will not come to pass.

The prophecies talk about what should happen and could even point out the right people, but they could not see the minds of the right people, they could not see whether these people could carry out the arranged plan. They could not foresee the reaction of the people to any sudden or new factors, which could change any plan.

The good and the bad both fight to gain control, to put it at an earthbound level, it is to gain the votes. With the implementation of “democracy,” votes are a modern way to declare the choice of the majority of the people. Thus, when morality was still high and people still believed in the divine, the other side began to silently and subtly bring forth ways to change the minds of the people. In the West, entertainment, education, TV, technology, science, social media, fashion, and the medias were stealthily filled with the right people trained to mold or corrupt the people’s mind and understanding of values. In the East, in the most important country, China, where traditions and belief were more solidly imbedded in the minds of the people, a more violent form had to be used in the limited time before the end; communism was imposed upon the people to form their minds. That way the people would not be able to choose righteousness or morality at the end.

President Trump ran for president in 2016, because the first two conditions were present, and it was urgent, as time was limited to correct the wrongs. The United States was being prepared for a path of socialism, or actually another way of saying communism. In the State of Union Address this year, President Trump declared emphatically, “Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence—not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free.” “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.”

Why is communism evil? Because it advocates rejection of traditional human morals and suffocates the freedom of the mind. It proclaims atheism, thus imprisoning humans in being only humans. We are born, we live, we get old, sick, and die; there is no other future. 

Imagine dolphins whose intelligence is believed to be in certain aspects higher or at least equal to humans but are confined in a swimming pool a little bigger than their size. All they do is swimming or just moving back and forth, back and forth waiting for the next feeding, based on their obedience and behavior. Those who knew the world they belonged to before their capture are forced to accept this pool, or else there would be no food. Those born in the pool will never know that their world was supposed to be the vast and endless ocean. They are told to believe the pool is their world, and they will never know nor return to their world. It is a horrible cruelty.

Under communism, humans are confined to the Earth, waiting for death while waiting to be fed, dressed, and whatever the rulers decide. Equality is an evil lie; there could never be equality, for those who make the rules have full power, as they ration food, material needs, medicine, education, the right to be born or not, that is all aspects of life. To be able to do this, they need their army—their control of everything. Humans will be forever human under this despotic rule and will never be able to return or recuperate their spiritual essence because they would never remember or know that there was something beyond the pool. That is why communism is demonic, it cuts off the people’s thread to their divine past and retains the human, their minds, in a pool waiting to be fed and kept alive, decided by the rulers. We have seen this in all the communist countries; human lives are not treasured, and there is certainly no equality.

Today many people can feel that humanity—human society has fallen so far that the next step seems to be destruction. One rotten apple can affect all the rest in the basket, so by eliminating the rotten apples, the good ones can be saved.

When people change from bad to worse, the prophecies about a final destruction will become true. However, if they embrace values and morals, change their way of thinking, and nurture goodness in their hearts, when this happens the course of any event changes too. How can there be destruction if people chose righteousness and morality? History will be arranged differently when people change.

The year 2020 is a favorable time for the United States, being the most important and largest country with a constitution, which placed importance on faith, tradition, and morals. And the people? This third condition is what defines the outcome. Americans will stand up and vote to show they want the change.

The right time has come, and the right places are appearing with the right people on the world stage. The change is not only about the United States, it is about the whole world. President Trump is picking up more, as he likes to say, friends. Major players such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have their roles. Whether Xi will and can complete his mission as he was chosen to do at this time is still to be seen. The three are helping each other, and these three countries just happen to be the most important in the world.

In 2020, the election of the president will be a declaration of what the American people want, to give President Trump another four years to finish what he is trying so hard to complete. The unity and support of the people is the condition that will make the timing and place work.