I hate to break it to some people but in spite of too many years of politically correctness emanating from our schools bad mouthing nationalism, I know that hands down, America and lots of Americans, especially baby boomers, are the best people in the world. People I regard as genuine, unpretentious, and morally sound or like my father likes to say, the salt of the earth.

We here at the Beauty of Life, or just the BL for short, are working diligently to build a media organization that appeals to enough people for us to stay in business, that speaks truth and compassion in all our reports and opinions, and feels a tremendous obligation to help make America great again. Since we are well versed in American traditions rooted in Judeo-Christian principles unlike the modern left, we naturally look to our glorious past to re-examine and explain the success of our great great grand parents and their benevolent communities. To support our programing, please mail your check or money order made payable to The Beauty Of Life to 195 South St. Middletown, NY 10940 and help us fulfill our obligation to America. Thank you.

These big-hearted principles just mentioned are so pervasive that even most nonspiritual people or spiritual folks like myself who have never formerly practice Judaism or Christianity, have subconsciously been imbued with their virtues to our very core. In our soul, we know the difference between right and wrong and we should know that American cities, towns, and villages were once brimming with God-fearing hardworking capitalists of moral integrity that schooled the entire culture in a never-ending selfless act of giving. They knew laziness was a sin, weren’t afraid to speak their minds, and they supported thousands of independent newspapers. There was no socialism and no universal compulsory public education. Since then, we have learned that socialism kills volunteer charity and we must be reminded that individual acts of charity almost always benefit both the giver and the receiver in a way that cannot be duplicated by government giving away millions of your tax dollars. It’s never the same thing.

According to who

According to the Bible in the gospel of St. Matthew for which I was undoubtedly named, someone asked Jesus, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” and Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

So these are the roots of our American exceptionalism and our success as good people and good neighbors. Here at the BL, we aspire to revive this knowledge of our history and evoke this traditional behavior to solve our modern problems. Unlike our current polluted corporate media, we are neither a stooge nor a puppet for any political party nor any elected official including the president but we certainly know a decent person when we see one. We recognize that President Trump is on the right track in many ways. While his sterling performance with our economy is a profound example of his incredible leadership, his most important message is to drain the swamp, administer justice where necessary, and generally, clean up our awful state of big government corruption.

Many of us understand that the swamp can not possibly be simply the doings of a few bad apples isolated in our nation’s capital. With the mainstream media so badly corrupted, it’s obviously all over our great land and many of us wonder how that came to pass. I contend that our school system is a root cause for many reasons and could be easily fixed. End all public education funding and subsidy, immediately rebate all tax money, and simply allow an unregulated free market to fully satisfy anyone in the market for education. That’s it. Just get the government out of the way.

What about our schools

Our public school monopoly of socialists work for the local central government and do not really answer to the student body they teach nor more importantly their tax paying parents or other local property tax payers. Public schools are funded or subsidized by an extensive set of local, state, and federal taxes, and they all lack that brilliant self-regulating customer to business owner relationship so profoundly important to the success of all capitalism and America. And since they are socialist by definition, they are free to either promote all kinds of gobbledygook socialism over capitalism or just completely denounce capitalism all together. Our deep state of corruption confirms what people of common sense already know. Government almost always causes more many more problems than it ever fixes, definitely costs us all way too much in taxes, and that free market will only provide customers that which they are willing to pay for. Simple as that.

For many years, millions of our citizens have been indoctrinated universally with many lies and even more disinformation that transformed our government from a smaller umpire to an enormous wet nurse or nanny state characterized by excessively high taxes, bogus programs, too many unnecessary bureaucrats, and universal education that dumb us down with socialism, a significant lack of moral foundation, and a general inability to identify, resist, or repair our current deep state of corruption. But don’t despair. We have indeed arrived with part of the solution called the truth and we are coming to the aid of everyone willing to listen and think for themselves.

A fan from Queens

On Sunday Dec. 8, 2019, Eileen Donahue left the following comment after she watched one of our opinion videos titled “The American Race Industry – Part 3 of 3,” which we posted to Facebook on the same day. Other than what she left in her comment, the only details I really know about Eileen is that she’s from Rockaway Park and that she makes a lot of sense. Freedom in America used to breed candor. You know people unafraid, who just tell it like they see it.

Click here to watch the entire episode 3:


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The video begins like this. So far we have established that the American race industry is thriving and includes at least the Legacy Media, Black Lives Matter, Rev Al Sharpton, the ACLU, leftist universities, and leftist politicians that all have a vested interest in exploiting race to keep the money and attention flowing to them. Be sure to remember that American leftist universities receive billions in taxpayer monies, employ all kinds of radical leftists professors from the 1960s and 70s who essentially preach their communist class struggle narrative and lies, to graduate all kinds of misguided young activists who are determined to make over the world in this despicable communist vision of the workers paradise as either extremely capable evil lieutenants or in the words of the sinister USSR Vladimir Lenin, ‘useful idiots’ waiting to be fired up in the destructive Black Lives Matter phony-type protests or Anti-Fa riots.

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We also learned how ignoring significant details in the case of Eric Garner allows race hustlers nationwide to paint and maintain a false narrative like widespread police brutality and foment this Marxist class struggle at the expense of the taxpayer, the police, minority communities, and many western achievements like law and order. In today’s final episode of The American Race Industry, we will shed more light on trending crime rates, the fatherless household affect, and how the race industry sabotages public perception of the police, undermines recent successful crime reduction, and works to destroy the very community it pretends to help.

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Eileen Donahue began her Facebook comment with, “Amazing post and so very true. But they’ve been doing this for so long and using the same people over and over again. The misinformed, uninformed, less educated, low-income individuals, they stir ’em up and lie to them. They can’t spot deceit in the words they spew. They can’t and so they believe them. Why, because they’re on TV and they own everything. Why not believe everything they spew? And just like you say, ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away. It is just festering and getting worse.

She thinks we just got lazy

Look, we are all good people who just got lazy. We just wanted to be left alone with ours. Nothing else mattered. We did our job electing anyone who put their name on a ballot box. As long as they spoke well, looked good, and came out with the “give me stuff” that was it.

Look at us BL. I hold onto you for dear life. I am so beaten out here, so discouraged. I know what’s wrong and I can’t fix it and that leaves me with such a deep sense of hopelessness and helplessness. No one is coming to the aid of anyone. There is this giant disconnect between us that we are literally assisting in our own suicide by allowing these monsters to deceive us and to segregate us worse than the days of Jim Crow.

Using our income to achieve it but this time, it has impacted all races not just the minorities. All of us got hurt. We can’t move and it’s forced rents through the roof. And our wallets and what’s in them are no longer our own. Right down to our medical records.

You know they listed me as obese where everyone with money with an interest can see that and now bother me with solicitations. That’s their end goal BL. Isolation and misery. I do not know how you all miss this. Geez, so much needs to be done to restore our Constitutional Republic, where we can once again appreciate our freedom without those who are deciding what that is.

But as I said, there is such a giant disconnect. No one knows what to do or how to do it. So, its’ easier to believe that nothing is wrong and that anyone who complains is just nuts. Thank you BL for all your efforts to keep us together by offering truth and reporting as it once was.”

Thank you Eileen Donahue and to any of you in despair, hang in there. For you are the salt of the earth and America needs you more than ever to help us speak truth to power. God bless you all and God bless America.

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