In his announcement speech to run for the president in 2016 in the Trump Tower, President Trump could not refrain from mentioning one of the important subjects on his agenda—China. Speaking at the Trump Tower in New York, he said: “I love China. People say, ‘Oh, you don’t like China.’ No, I love them, but their leaders are much smarter than our leaders. And we can’t sustain ourselves with that.”

That was before his election. After he became president, suddenly the subject was Russia, pushed forward by his opponents to implicate Trump, and it was all about Russia, Russia, and Russia. Now that Trump’s collusion with Russia has finally been proven to be false, and there is nothing much left to dig into there, China is coming back as the subject, but not for the opponents of the president. It is the president who is talking about China. As for his opponents, they have apparently exhausted the first R, but there are still two Rs to use; so the continuation: Russia, racist, recession.

But now, it is President Trump’s turn with the 3 Cs: China, Clinton, collusion. China, is a constant subject for the president, and he has been talking all the time about China, only it was overshadowed by Russia.  

But it seems strange that his opponents are avoiding China totally. Why is this? Maybe they know about some real collusion with China that had taken place before?

Since his campaign, the president constantly singled out China and the trade deficit. For President Trump, China plays a very important role for the American economy, as China can bolster the local economy and assure  his winning in 2020. That is why his opponents, never giving up, are coming up now with their third R, recession, in spite of the booming economy.

Although President Trump is unrelenting on the trade issue with China, he softens up considerably when he speaks about Xi Jingping, claiming he is his friend. While hammering China heavily for the tariffs, at the same time, he considers himself a friend of Xi. There must be a reason for this; President Trump realized that the whole deficit trade situation and the intriguing relation with China did not start with Xi and not even Obama. It went way back to Bill Clinton, Bush and Hillary Clinton.

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When Clinton became president in 1993, China’s Jiang Zemin had already been in power since 1989. Jiang was a corrupt and ruthless Chinese communist dictator. He launched the longest and biggest genocide in 1999 against the spiritual discipline of the Buddhist School, Falun Gong, which had the largest number of followers. The estimated 100 million followers in 1999, who found a new spiritual meaning to their lives, drawing Jiang’s attention and anger. Refusing to permit freedom of belief, Jiang employed all methods to persecute the practitioners. To carry out an extensive persecution in every corner of China, he needed money, at least a quarter of the financial resources of the country. So making money to continue a costly persecution was necessary.

He found a way to make money after 2000 when countless practitioners were rounded up daily all over China and jailed. Harvesting organs for sale from detained healthy practitioners of Falun Gong was an easy and lucrative business. Investigating third parties with evidence has proved this state organized crime. Practitioners of Falun Gong from China have denounced Jiang for genocide in many countries, and there are still ongoing lawsuits outside of China.

David Matas, a Canadian human rights lawyer, who participated in the investigation on his own behalf said; “Jiang Zemin is a killer. He uses murder as a way of getting power and staying in power. What he did is, he identified imaginary enemies. Falun Gong was a number one target … For him, the persecution of Falun Gong was a vehicle for his staying in power. Through the 610 Office he built a whole parallel structure throughout the whole society that he controlled. It became a power base for him. Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai were his disciples.”

Since the persecution, that China has had a steady supply of healthy organs for sale on notice became gradually known. During international congresses of transplant societies, it is a common sight to see individual or small groups of transplant surgeons from China, sometimes up to thousand, huddling together with medical doctors from all over the world, engaging in deep conversations.

The United States plays a very important role on the world stage, and like President Trump, he did not think too much of the past American leaders; they were not on par with him. Jiang knew that by entering in the United States, he would obtain more benefits than America. He knew he would get what he wanted, and using his tried and true methods, any benefit he got then those who helped would also get certain benefits.

During his visits to the United States and meetings with Clinton, he somehow convinced Clinton to lobby for China. After years of protests from conservatives and human rights advocates, Clinton finally won against them and paved the way for China to get into the United States and also the World Trade Organization. This was in 2000, after Clinton came back from his visit to China during his second term as president. Clinton signed a bill giving permanent and normal trade conditions to China and a great gift, as he abolished the yearly review of the trade status for China, which had been going on for 20 years.

Although there were many concerns about job losses for American workers and giving benefits to a country governed by dictatorship, American businesses were interested to go into the huge Chinese market.

The conditions for China were, upon entering the World Trade Organization, China must cut tariffs and let imports into China. Also China had to open its financial sector and allow other countries to enter China and develop its internet and telecommunications sectors.

Foreign banks did enter China, as did American companies such as the telecommunications giants. China could provide unlimited cheap labor with no labor laws. Actually Jiang reaped the benefits, but numerous deals were made with the Americans, kept unknown to the American people.  There was corruption, collusion, and Jiang and his gang were inaugurated into the Western international group of elites and decision makers.

Clinton had completed his mission; he opened the path for China to go into the world stage of economics at the last moment, just before he left the presidency. And Bush continued the task with China. He seemed to have a very good relation with Jiang Zemin and broke the record with four visits to China during his two terms presidency. 

In 2002 Jiang paid Bush his last official visit. It was a kind of a farewell trip for Jiang, who was stepping down in 2003 as China’s Communist Party boss. Bush invited him to lunch and a tour at his Texas ranch.  An official state visit at a strange time, just before he leaves power. Knowing how Jiang operates, he was obviously securing his benefits with Bush, after he steps down officially. That was when genocide on Falun Gong practitioners in China has already begun, such as organ harvesting.  It was impossible that Bush did not know about this  persecution. As a matter of fact, news reports showed that on the day of the visit, Falun Gong practitioners in the United States were standing outside of Bush’s ranch appealing for the end of the persecution. 

Back to China, Jiang did not disappear from power, he had his people distributed in key positions, and continued to exercise control over mainly the military, press, diplomacy etc. In 2017, he appeared, 91 years old, at the 19th Congress of the CCP, sitting next to a silent Xi Jinping.

When Obama became president, he was not so lucky, as Xi was his counterpart. Obama did not get the same treatment from Xi, as Jiang Zemin gave his predecessors. Xi was not one of Jiang’s cronies, and he began to vigorously clean up many of Jiang’s old guard for corruption. Maybe that was the reason the relation between the Obama and Xi was cool. This remained until Trump became president.

In May of this year in an interview with Fox News’s Steve Hllton, President Trump said about China, “They took advantage of us for many, many years. And I blame us, I don’t blame them. I don’t blame President Xi. I blame all of our presidents, and not just President Obama. You go back a long way. You look at President Clinton, Bush—everybody. They allowed this to happen, they created a monster… We rebuilt China because they get so much money.” What really happened? What advantages were given to China during Jiang’s dictatorship?

They obviously did a good job. According to President Trump: “If Hillary Clinton became president, China would have been a much bigger economy than us by the end of her term.”

To be continued..

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