The phrase ‘get woke go broke’ was not invented out of thin air. The case of Nickelodeon is living proof of that as the channel lost two-thirds of its audience from 2017 to today for including LGBT propaganda in its programming aimed at young children to indoctrinate them.

What used to be a top-rated cable channel internationally now barely attracts a third of its 2017 audience.

In July 2017, Nickelodeon averaged about 1.2 million viewers per week.

Since February of this year, the channel has not been able to pass 400,000 viewers. Last month, the numbers plummeted to just 328,000 viewers.

Last week, in prime time, Nickelodeon averaged just 395,000 viewers. Its total daily average was just 372,000.

In other words, from 2017 to today, Nickelodeon lost two-thirds of its audience, and this is only in the United States. The loss could be even more serious in more conservative countries.

Content totally inappropriate for children

With the excuse of ‘inclusion’ and the month that the LGBT community celebrates its ‘pride,’ Nickelodeon included in its programming a man dressed as a woman wearing heavy makeup who sings a song explaining to young children what the colors of the LGBT-appropriate colored flag mean.

In order not to give it any more publicity, in general terms, the song encourages children, appealing to happy or positive feelings and things to not be afraid to be who you are on the inside, insinuating that every child is something different on the inside than they are on the outside, a typical psychological strategy to manipulate innocent children who with their purity basically believe everything adults tell them.

This is child grooming indeed!

Earlier this year, in February 2021, even though it was far away from the supposed ‘pride’ month of June, Nickelodeon explained in its children’s show Blues Clues & You that the P was for pride and then went on to show characters from different denominations of sexual preferences that do not deserve to be named here.

In other words, the channel has been engaging in indoctrinating children for a long time and at any time.

The main idea behind an entertainment channel is to amuse children with wholesome things, related to their age, so that they learn good manners or understand that they have to be good to others, think of others first, obey their parents, be applied in their studies, and instill traditional values, the fact of trying to brainwash them by trying to ‘convert’ them with gender ideology is truly irritating.

Hollywood also does the same with adults

Surreptitious indoctrination by the entertainment world is nothing new.

For decades the film industry, particularly Hollywood with its international reach, has been inculcating these values subtly at first, but as we come to the end of time, the subtlety has been dropped.

Homosexuality, sexual liberation, pedophilia, sexual abuse and sadomasochism, worship of crime, drug use, promiscuity at an early age, unbridled revenge are the main plots of Hollywood’s most successful movies.

It seems that if there are no bed scenes, people do not want to watch the movies, but the case of Nickelodeon tells us a different truth: there is a large percentage of people in the world who maintain their traditional values and believe in goodness and traditional culture and reject this indoctrination.

That’s why the entertainment world is losing its audience—not just Nickelodeon—and it’s not true that people want to watch these harmful things, much less do they want their children to be spoiled by them.

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