The New York Times, once a media outlet known for its high quality reporting, has now become a mouthpiece for resentment, publishing stories that attempt to maliciously discredit conservative media that are gaining ground in the marketplace, even going so far as to belittle the gross human rights violations of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The newspaper published a front page article on Sunday, Oct. 25, about how the Epoch Times, the English version of one of the most important independent Chinese media in the world, Da Ji Yuan, went from being a media without a budget to becoming a “great machine of influence.”

But reading of the alleged investigation, one is left with nothing but the bitter taste of what most leftist media do when they see that the competition is doing better: viciously attacking their achievements by twisting the facts, reversing good and bad.

In his lengthy article, “journalist” Kevin Roose attacks The Epoch Times for being “pro-Trump” and links it to Falun Dafa, a spiritual movement that has been severely persecuted by the CCP since 1999, and uses the testimony of a former employee with apparent resentment to support his attack.

Falun Dafa, an ancient Chinese spiritual discipline, spread in China in the early 1990s and gained in popularity because its teachings based on truthfulness, benevolence, and tolerance combined with a series of gentle exercises not only offered people a way to achieve peace of mind, but also a new way to stay healthy, according to its practitioners.

Precisely because of its popularity, reaching almost 100 million followers in 1997, the Chinese Communist Party decided to ban the practice and persecute those who followed it. This resulted in a campaign similar or worse to the Cultural Revolution, with arbitrary arrests, torture, and even forced removal of organs for transplants. 

Falun Dafa’s official website, Faluninfo.net, published an editorial to clarify the harm of the New York Times report.

“We are saddened to see the New York Times malign Falun Gong in an attack on a rival media outlet. The mistakes made in this article about the Buddhist-based spiritual practice as well as the significant omissions surrounding the persecution in China signal a bizarre and troubling downturn of what was once a pillar of American journalism,” said Falun Dafa Information Center Executive Director Levi Browde.

After 20 years since the CCP began the persecution, respected organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, as well as the United Nations, have documented the extensive and inhumane human rights violations to which practitioners in China have been subjected.

In 2006, David Kilgour, former Canadian secretary of state (Asia-Pacific) and David Matas, a renowned Canadian human rights lawyer, published their report “Bloody Harvest” in which they present concrete evidence of how the CCP uses healthy practitioners as a source to harvest their organs and sell them for transplants.

However, Roose chose to say that “the group … accuses” the CCP of these crimes, dangerously underplaying one of the greatest genocides of modern times.

Even in the United States, both Democrats and Republicans have joined together to pass resolutions condemning the abuses in the persecution of Falun Dafa in China.

To date, there have been five resolutions supported by both parties: House Resolution 343 (year 2015) was co-sponsored by 83 Democrats and 102 Republicans. House Resolution 605 (2009) was co-sponsored by 40 Democrats and 41 Republicans. And finally, House Resolution 188 (2001) was co-sponsored by 62 Democrats and 37 Republicans. All of them condemn the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa. 

Faluninfo.net found some links between the New York Times and the Chinese Communist Party that go back to 2001, and points out that perhaps these links are the reason why the media does not report on the persecution of Falun Dafa, but it goes beyond not reporting, its articles are helping the CCP in its attempt to influence the West against the discipline it wants to eliminate.

This is not the first time, and apparently will not be the last, that the “former” big newspaper has turned its jealousy, which has nothing to do with journalism, to other media and has helped the CCP with its genocidal campaign. 

If the New York Times continues on this path of spreading hatred for its competitors, it will only succeed in paving its own path to extinction.  

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