Trevor Loudon, a well-known author, journalist, and political analyst, says that communists are driving the new wave of lockdowns as a pandemic mitigation measure in the West. Communists are serving as scientists and advising governments, and their ultimate goal is to pave the way for a revolution in which capitalism will be replaced by socialism.

In his Dec. 22 CounterPunch program, Loudon uses the example of the UK, which is being replicated around the world.

“I believe that the wave of lockdowns we are seeing in the world because of covid-19, I believe that the new wave that is coming, are being orchestrated by the Communist Party of China,” the journalist said.

“I think the Communist Party of China is using its network of Communist Parties, subservient politicians and labor unions to enforce these lockdowns worldwide to drive people into misery and poverty, all the better for world revolution.”

Loudon has documented how the communist movement has infiltrated the West for more than 60 years. Communists in Britain have been forcing the Conservative party to prolong the lock-ins as long as possible.

To argue his hypothesis, Loudon describes the role of the Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE) advising Boris Johnson’s government.

One of the key members is a behavioral psychologist named Susan Michie.

Michie is a strong advocate of the use of masks, strict quarantines, etc. She has been a member of the Communist Party for over forty years.

Loudon describes Michie as part of “communist royalty.” Her parents were also Communist Party members, aristocratic and prominent scientists, and worked surreptitiously for the Communist cause, infiltrating official agencies.

Michie’s father was a communist agent who worked for the Soviet Union and was involved in cracking secret Nazi codes.

Michie Is part of the hard-line left, with radical views. She is vice president of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, and has defended the Castro dictatorship on several occasions and has also traveled to the island for training.

Michie is currently a member of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) which went from being pro-Soviet, to pro-CCP and has been promoting the policies of the CCP in the West.

She is an expert in behavior modification, knows how to manipulate the population and has been trained by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Communist Party of Cuba.

How communists influence national politics

The CPB only has 12,000 members. It is a small party in the UK, so they influence policy at the national level by controlling or heavily influencing major labour unions.

They push the lockouts on the unions, which forces them on the general population.

Lockdowns, quarantines and the use of masks are the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) model.

The 200 communist parties of the world receive their orders from the CCP to push for the lockdowns. They use labour unions and friendly politicians to do so in the UK and worldwide.

As evidence, Loudon presented a poster from a conference organized by the CPB called ‘Covid Zero’ which was attended by several SAGE members, including Susan Michie and her current husband Mr. West, and the major unions.

The unions said at that conference, according to the Telegraph, a conservative British media outlet, that the ultimate aim of the lockdowns is to bring down capitalism, and that Britain needs Soviet-style socialism to stop the coronavirus epidemic.

Can they achieve their aim in countries with leaders who openly oppose communism?

Loudon explains that the CCP is not openly implementing its policies to ruin the economy. Instead, through officials like Michie, or world bodies that dictate guidelines for the rest of the world, the CCP seeks to create chaos within free-market systems and present itself as the solution.

Otherwise, how else can we explain that governments blindly continue to resort to lockdowns that have proven to be highly damaging to the economy and ineffective in containing contagions?

In a video clip presented by Loudon, Michie is interviewed. The journalist questions her political ideology conflicting with her job. As a communist, she wants to exercise control over society and tell people what to do, and precisely by implementing lockdowns and quarantines, she is achieving this.

But Michie only replies that she is a scientist and that she is only paid to talk about science, not her political ideology. Yet, ironically, Michie participated in conferences held by the Communist Party of Britain where she made it clear that her communist ideology is the driving force behind her advice as a scientist.

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