As countries gradually leave the coronavirus pandemic behind and return to “normal” life, ending blockades and mask mandates, a new pandemic, the “Climate Pandemic,” is on the horizon.

In the last fifteen months, the world establishment realized how easy it was to dominate and control the population. For this, they appealed mainly to frighten humanity with the “fear of death” and make them lose their reasoning, causing them to become fearful and obedient.

Due to the success of the experiment, they have already started to work on this new pandemic that is coming.

The “Climate Pandemic

In an article published on September 22 on the Project Syndicate website, Italian-American globalist economist Mariana Mazzucato wrote about the need for global blockades to face a “climate emergency.”

Mazzucatto explains that “climate blockades” will be necessary. Governments will impose limitations and prohibitions on the population on the consumption of meat, the use of private vehicles, and extreme measures in the use of energy.

We are talking about an economist with influence in the UN since her reports can be found on the official website of the organization, in the Economic Analysis section of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

As it usually happens with these globalist initiatives, Mariana Mazzucato is not the only one who is raising this issue and some authors talk about holding these blockades every two years, according to an article published by The Guardian last March. 

Corinne Le Quéré is lead author of a study by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia in England and says that a drop in carbon dioxide emissions of the magnitude that occurred during the blockades is needed every two years.

It seems that the plan has already begun and although these “climate blockades” are not yet taking place, cyber-attacks on meat and fossil fuel companies are taking place.

On May 30, the world’s leading Brazilian-based meat company, JBS SA, announced in an official statement that the company’s Australian and U.S. units were the target of cyber-attacks and had to cancel operations until the problem was resolved.

Another attack occurred at the beginning of May and was directed against the Colonial pipeline, paralyzing part of the US energy industry and generating panic in the affected cities.

What we cannot fail to mention is that one of the main globalists responsible for the coronavirus pandemic is also preparing to profit from the “Climate Pandemic.”

This is Bill Gates, the vaccine business is already working for him and he is already preparing for the synthetic meat business.

The tycoon has been declaring that we must stop eating real meat and turn to synthetic meat to stop the problem of climate change.

And for anyone who doubts whether Gates has any special interest in getting people to stop eating meat and turn to synthetic meat and vegetables, he has already become the largest agricultural landowner in the United States.

What a coincidence…

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