With just 10 days in office and President Joe Biden has already angered half of America, and that same time was enough to “expose Biden for the fraud that he is,” says prolific author Liz Peek in her Feb. 1 Fox News column.  

Peek substantiates her assertion by listing the most recent promises that Biden failed to keep, and the actions of his administration that put off the chances of Republicans coming around with a collaborative attitude. 

“He lied about wanting to bring the country together. He lied about trying to work ‘across the aisle.’ He lied about being a “moderate,” Peek lists to start.

She also mentioned the 40 executive orders that destroyed the gains former President Donald Trump made for Americans, and Biden is pandering to progressives.

In Peek’s opinion Biden would have to help those who lost their jobs and small businesses threatened to disappear, and “not send checks to employed persons that will flow into savings accounts.”

She added, “Not $350 billion allocated to blue states that have promised public employees the moon in exchange for votes. Not $35 billion to provide “entrepreneurs” with venture capital.”

These huge amounts of money are included in the $1.9 billion “relief” that Peek said will help Democrats hold onto the House and Senate in 2022 in hopes that the citizens who receive them will vote for them. 

Peek complements by saying, “The relief the country actually needs is the reopening of schools and businesses that will allow parents to return to their jobs and managers to rehire workers.”

She added that what is needed is, “a reopening that ‘follows the science’ and not the political aspirations of cynical Democrat governors and mayors.”

The controversial impeachment being pushed by Democrats against Trump will only further the rift in the nation, according to a poll released by Rasmussen in which 83% of Republicans said impeachment in the Senate will worsen America’s political divide.

Trump will most likely be acquitted because he did not incite violence in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots of which he is accused.

Among the flurry of executive orders signed by Biden in his first 10 days are also bans against energy development, destroying tens of thousands of jobs, and according to analysts could result in the loss of up to one million jobs.  

Likewise, canceled measures adopted by Trump for an orderly immigration, has caused American criticism. 

“Biden is part of the problem, not of the solution,” concluded Peek after considering that the motivations followed by Biden have been political instead of opting for the most adequate ones to unite the country as he had announced.