Money laundering allegations have been publicly linked to Joe Biden’s administration, a political writer said.

Peter Schweizer believes the president should also be implicated during investigations into whether his son, Hunter Biden, concealed the origins of illegally obtained foreign funds.

The author of “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win” believes the contents of Hunter’s confiscated laptop clearly show the Democrat received part of the proceeds.

“This is not just a Hunter Biden story … and what the laptop reveals is that Hunter Biden received these funds but the president of the United States, Joe Biden, was a recipient and a beneficiary of those funds [too,]” he said according to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” program.

Schweizer suspects the pair’s finances are intertwined, and the son used some of the money to pay monthly bills and home repair expenses.

“Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had intermingled finances … so this is a story that goes straight to the president and each of these countries, particularly China, has a policy of using commercial ties, financial ties, as leverage over foreign elites–and they clearly have that in this case with Joe Biden,” he said according to the broadcaster.

He claimed the funds came from three sources.

“If you look at the three big flashpoints in American foreign policy today–Ukraine, Russia and China–the Biden family has received funds millions of dollars, in some cases, tens of millions of dollars from powerful individuals connected to the government in each of those countries,” he said.

The GOP recently vowed to investigate allegations the president engaged in dishonest or fraudulent conduct, if the party regains control of U.S. Congress.

“Biden has the real scandals and, rest assured, when Republicans retake Congress the Biden corruption will be investigated and exposed by Congress,” Donald Trump previously said.

Trump believes his successor’s relationship with Ukraine and son Hunter should have been examined long ago. However, mainstream media limited opportunities for these money laundering allegations to be heard.

Hunter and his father deny wrongdoing, and no unlawful activity was proven at the time of publication.

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