Current affairs expert Wang Youqun wrote an op-ed in the Epoch Times about the significant degeneration of the Chinese army.

Youqun alleged that more than 160 senior Chinese military officers had been investigated for corruption. This is much greater than the number of senior officers who have fallen in the Chinese Communist Party’s civil wars, foreign wars, and Cultural Revolution in a century. The figure also suggests the CCP military is the world leader in corruption.

In early April 2017, the 55-episode Chinese anti-corruption drama “In the Name of the People” premiered on Hunan Satellite TV. Political writer Zhou Meisen wrote this film at the request of the Film and Television Center of the Supreme Procuracy. 

At the film’s broadcast, Meisen told reporters that the current state of corruption in defense management is so severe that there is no word to describe it. 

He said the generals sold their cars and reported them broken, sold gasoline for money, fired ten cannons but said they had fired 100 or more. 

Even military ranks could be commercialized, from platoon leader to senior officer. Youqun said there are already 140 senior officers of this type at present.

On Oct 19th, 2017, Yang Xiaodu, Deputy Secretary of the Central Inspection Commission and Minister of Supervision, said in a press conference that after the 19th National Congress of Deputies, the Commission The Central Inspection Department has gathered a list of 440 officers of the provincial military level and under the management of the Central Government. When the agency separated 280 central government officials that should be investigated, 160 generals in the army were among these officials.

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October 2017, five CCP generals have been arrested.

Liu Yazhou, then the political commissar of National Defense University, said at a press conference on July 6th, 2016, that what the Chinese military faced was not a battlefield but a hypermarket of officer titles. It means that everything has a price tag. 

In 2015, the mainland published an article by Deng Lu Yan, former Deputy Commander of the Fuzhou Military Region. Yan is also the son of the founding Major General Deng Keming of the CCP.

Yan’s article started with acknowledging that the army was tremendously corrupted. High-ranking military officers were too greedy that they were much more evil, fierce, and unruly than the local government officials.

Yan cited the funeral of the former political commissar of the Fuzhou Military Region, Zuo Ying. The event collected more than 10 million yuan (US$ 1,568,287) in funeral money from his subordinates, Epoch time reported.

After Yan returned to Fuzhou from Shanghai, he said he did not want to communicate or talk to anyone. On Oct 28th, which was his father’s death anniversary, he went to the cemetery and told his parents that our party was over, the army was over, the country was over, and the people were at a dead-end.

Why is the corruption of the CCP military leading the world? There are three main reasons

First, current Chinese leader Xi Jinping only caught the henchmen but not their king, the CCP’s true dictator Jiang Zemin. Zemin is the backer of all the most extreme, top-level corrupt elements of the CCP. So far, Xi has not touched him.

Secondly, Xi only “raises high, strikes lightly” in the fight against corruption in the Chinese military. He focused on investigating and handling a few small corruption cases, leaving many other significant cases untouched. More than 40 cases of those holding leadership positions in both the army and division reported corrupt practices, but no one has been held accountable or investigated. Instead, they continue to get promoted and employed.

Third, the root cause of corruption in the Chinese army is the Communist party’s in-depth control over it. The Epoch Times remarked that absolute power inevitably leads to complete corruption.

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