In a 2015 court affidavit, Virginia Roberts Giuffre said, “Epstein also trafficked me for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives. Epstein required me to describe the sexual events that I had with these men presumably so he could potentially blackmail them. Epstein specifically told me that the reason for him doing this was so that they would ‘owe him,’ they would ‘be in his pocket,’ and he would ‘have something on them.’”

Young Jeffrey Epstein was a precocious manipulator who came of age just as the cultural onslaught of the 1960s was viciously undermining the moral foundation of the American family and righteous behavior in general. Communist chickens, feminism, and sexual liberation, came home to roost while many time-tested standards of civilization were carelessly crushed under the heal of the selfish hippy and became the evil mindset of Jeffery Epstein and all his co-conspirators. In our second episode of this series called Epstein Manipulation, we will focus on his early life and some evidence for the development of Epstein’s criminal mental illness. I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion.

According to a 2018 Preston Ni article in Psychology Today, a narcissist is someone who has buried his true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaced it with a highly developed, compensatory false self. This alternate persona often comes across as grandiose, “above others,” self-absorbed, and highly conceited and certainly fits Jeffery Epstein.

Gaslighting is a form of persistent manipulation and brainwashing that causes the victim to doubt her or himself, and to ultimately lose one’s own sense of perception, identity, and self-worth. A gas lighter’s statements and accusations are often based on deliberate falsehoods and calculated marginalization. The term gaslighting is derived from the 1944 film “Gaslight,” where a husband tries to convince his wife that she’s insane by causing her to question herself and her reality.


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Chronic narcissists and gas lighters like Epstein and company are likely to exhibit at least several of the following traits on a regular basis. 1. Frequent Lies and Exaggerations; 2. Rarely Admit Flaws and Are Highly Aggressive When Criticized; 3. False Image Projection; 4. Rule Breaking and Boundary Violation; 5. Emotional Invalidation and Coercion; and 6. Manipulation: The Use or Control of Others as an Extension of Oneself.

In the worst-case scenario like Epstein, some individuals possess traits of both narcissism and gaslighting. This is a highly toxic and destructive combination of vanity, manipulation, bullying, and abuse and are all unleashed in order to compensate for the perpetrator’s deep-seated sense of inadequacy and fear. Both of these pathological types betray an inability and/or unwillingness to relate to people genuinely and equitably as human beings. They become “special” and “superior” by being less human and by dehumanizing others.

The destructive abuse of victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre began in 2000 when co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell groomed the vulnerable 16-year-old like an animal, less than human, tempted by money, and coerced by lies and the false image of the mysteriously powerful Epstein successfully violating the victim’s personal boundaries to psychologically bully her into breaking sexual rules of conduct. Notice how the victim describes the perpetrators as powerful, in control, and getting what they want while she is young, scared, quiet, and subservient.

The skilled predators exploit the victim’s inexperience, low self-esteem, and fear of the unknown less to satisfy a sick addiction and more to control the child, train the child, and use the child to sexually entrap wealthy men to gain money and power. Remember the reason for Epstein doing this was so that they would owe him, they would be in his pocket, and he would have something on them. And that all Jeffery cared about was go find me more girls.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre said, “I was young. I was scared. I knew these people were powerful. I didn’t know what would happen if I said no. I didn’t know what would happen if they reported if I reported them. That 16-year-old girl just let it happen and that was how I got into the abuse with Jeffrey and Ghislaine.” the Miami Herald said, “Virginia Roberts was working in the spa at Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach when British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell introduced her to multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Giuffre said,“The training started immediately. I mean it was everything down to how to give a blow job. How to be quiet, be subservient, give Jeffrey what he wants. A lot of this training came from Ghislaine herself. And being a woman, it kind of surprises you that a woman could actually let stuff like that happen. But not only let it happen but to groom you into doing it. And then there’s Jeffrey who’s telling you I want it this way. You know go slower and don’t do that and do this.”

Giuffre said, “You’re just thrown into a world that you don’t understand and you don’t know how to. Your screaming on the inside and you don’t know how to let it come out. And you just become this numb figure. Who refuses to feel and refuses to speak and refuses … All you do is obey. That’s it and eventually it led to well now we’re gonna experiment and we’re gonna try you with another guy and see how you go. So they sent me to an island with a professor and I basically had to do what I did for Jeffrey for him. So it’s very private. It’s the perfect world for a billionaire getting away with what he was doing. He could hold big parties there and have huge orgies there and nobody would have any idea what was going on. Because it was so quiet and so protected. It started with one and then it trickled into two and so on and so forth and you know before you know it, I’m being lent out to politicians and to academics and to people that are royalty.”

The Miami Herald said, “Roberts claimed in an affidavit the two of the men that Epstein let her out two were attorney Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew the Duke of York. Dershowitz and Prince Andrew have both denied any involvement with Roberts. A judge later struck Roberts affidavit from the court record but the ruling did not address the veracity of her allegations. Dershowitz said he was nonetheless vindicated logs from Epstein’s private jet nicknamed the Lolita Express show a host of high-powered politicians, academics and celebrities.” Guiffrte said “It’s called Lolita Express for a reason. That was a vessel for him to be able to abuse girls and get away with it without anybody being alarmed or any alarm bells going off. It was all the same no matter where you went. All Jeffrey cared about was go find me more girls.”

As most of us are asking why Ghislaine Maxwell has not been arrested, Virginia Roberts Giuffre has exposed not only the obvious modus operandi of these grandiose criminals but also in all likelihood how the mysterious money man Epstein obtained his wealth. Blackmail, extortion, abuse, and manipulation would certainly explain his rapid socioeconomic rise, his amazing ability to get away with serious criminal behavior for many years and why no one to this day can verify where most his wealth came from except for 45 million he stole from Les Wexner of Victoria’s Secret L Brand.

According to a 2002 article titled “Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery” by Landon Thomas and or a 2019 Daily Beast article titled “Jeffrey Epstein Dodged Questions About Sex With His Dalton Prep-School Students” by Thomas Volscho, Epstein was born in 1953 to Paula and Seymour Epstein. She was a homemaker sometimes school aide and he worked for the New York City Parks Department as a gardener and groundskeeper. Both were children of immigrants and according to a former neighbor ‘Simple. The most simple people in the world.’ He died in 1991 at 75 and she passed away in 2004 at 85.

Raised in the working class gated community of Sea Gate on Coney Island with a younger brother Mark, young Epstein demonstrated skill with math and the piano, skipped a couple of grades and graduated from Lafayette High School in Bensonhurst at age 16. The same year, 1969, he took some classes in physics at Cooper Union until September 1971 when he walked across the street, enrolled at New York University, and took courses like the mathematical physiology of the heart.

Meanwhile, according to a comment left at twitter.com/OpDeathEaters, media outlets such as Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler, openly attempted to normalize the idea that young children are sexually desirable and available. In the ’70, Playboy’s brand faced competition, in the similarly constructed but more explicit Penthouse Magazine. Its publisher Bob Guccione and Playboy’s Hugh Hefner became engaged in a game of one-upmanship as they competed for customers with increasingly explicit content. Playboy and Penthouse were soon joined by Hustler, which played a role in normalizing the idea of pre- and peri-pubescent girls as sexually desirable and available.

It did this with its popular Barely Legal franchise, but in a more subversive way it also did it through its comics. In fact, Dwaine Tinsley, Hustler’s cartoon editor for 25 years, created one of the most popular recurring characters in the magazine, Chester the Molester, a cartoon that depicted Tinsley’s character, Chester, sexually abusing prepubescent girls. In 1989, Tinsley’s own daughter testified that he molested her, and he was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter as well as having sexual contact with another 13-year-old girl, whose accusations led to his arrest. He continued to draw and publish his comics from prison.

In 1974, Epstein landed a job at Dalton, the prestigious Manhattan rich kid school, apparently, without any academic degree nor documented teaching experience. Presumably he impressed Attorney General Bill Barr’s father Headmaster Donald Barr who left the school before Epstein started that fall. Here, as a 21-year-old, he taught math, and physics while demonstrating his vanity and a blatant disregard for appropriate teacher student relationships.

The New York Times reported that Epstein often showed up for work pushing the limits on what was deemed appropriate within Dalton’s strict dress code, wearing a fur coat, gold chains and an open shirt that exposed his chest. Sounds a bit self-absorbed and highly conceited. The Daily Beast reported in July 2019, in other words, he dressed as he might have, had he been one of the cool kids back in his own high school. He is also said by the Times to have attended Dalton student parties.

A former student told the newspaper that Epstein conducted himself in a strange manner with female students, giving them persistent attention and even showed up at a student party where teens were drinking. “I can remember thinking at the time, this is wrong,” former student Scott Spizer told the newspaper. Epstein was known for being charismatic and acting more like a friend to his students than their teacher. “He was goofy and like a kid himself,” Leslie Kitziger, who graduated in 1978, told the Times, adding that she remembered him as caring and attentive.

Other former students who spoke with the newspaper remembered Epstein in a different light, citing how they would often see him flirting with female students. “There was a real clarity of the inappropriateness of the behavior, that this isn’t how adult male teachers conduct themselves,” said Millicent Young, a former student during his tenure at Dalton.

In 1976, Epstein was eventually asked to leave by school officials but the reasons were not clear. “Epstein was a young teacher who didn’t come up to snuff,” Peter Branch, Interim Headmaster for Dalton at the time, told The Times. “So, ultimately, he was asked to leave.”

Three years later, Woody Allen releases one of his most popular films, “Manhattan,” that stars Allen as selfish, frustrated and sarcastic television writer Isaac Davis, a twice-divorced 42-year-old malcontent facing middle age alone after his wife, Jill (Meryl Streep), leaves him for a woman. Isaac is exploiting fresh-faced Tracy (Mariel Hemingway), a 17-year-old Dalton high school girl he knows is wrong for him, and begins to wonder if he and brainy writer Mary (Diane Keaton), the mistress of his married best friend, Yale (Michael Murphy), might make a better couple.

The full gambit of deviant behavior includes Davis cheating on young Tracy, mistress Mary cheating on her cheating married man Yale for Davis who’s cheating on Tracy. Then Davis breaking the heart of young Tracy for mistress Mary then mistress Mary rejecting Davis and Davis begging to re-exploit young Tracy. Stupid is as stupid does and morality has made good sense and good families for thousands of years.

Issac Davis says, “Tracy you’re throwing away an enormous amount of real affection on the wrong person.”
Tracy said, “Its not wrong for me.”
Davis said, “I don’t think we should keep seeing each other.”
Tracy said, “Why not?”
Davis said, “Because I think you’re getting too hung up on me, you know I’m starting to sound like you when I talk.”
Tracy said, “I’m not hung up on you. I’m in love with you.”
Davis said, “You can’t be in love with me. We’ve been over this. You’re a kid. You don’t know what that means. I don’t know what it means. Nobody out there knows what the hell’s going on.”
Tracy said, “We have laughs together. I care about you. Your concerns are my concerns. We have great sex.”
Davis said,“but you’re 17 years old. By the time you’re 21, you’re gonna have, you’ll have a dozen relationships. Believe me, far more passionate than this one.”
Tracy said, “Well don’t you love me?”
Davis said, “The truth is that I love somebody else.”
Tracy said, You do?”
Davis said “Hey, come on. This was supposed to be a temporary fling. You know that.”
Tracy said “You met someone?”

Davis said, “Don’t stare at me with those big eyes. You look like one of those barefoot kids from Bolivia who needs foster parents.”
Tracy said, “Have you been seeing someone?”
Davis said “No, yes, someone older, not as old as I am but in the same general ballpark as me.”
Tracy said, “Gee, now I don’t feel so good.” 
Davis said “It’s not right. You know you shouldn’t get hung up. I mean you should open up your life. You should see, you know you’ve got to.”
Tracy said, “You keep stating it like it’s to my advantage when it’s you that wants to get out of it.”
Davis said,“Hey don’t be so precocious okay? I mean don’t be so smart. I’m 42 years old. My hair’s falling out. I’m starting to lose some hearing in my right ear. Is that what you want?”
Tracy said “ I can’t believe that you met somebody that you like better than me.” Davis said “Why should I feel guilty about this. This is ridiculous. I’ve always encouraged you to go out with guys more your own age, guys, kids from your class. Billie and Biff and Scooter, you know little Tommy or Teron. Hey come on, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Tracy, Tracy don’t come on don’t cry Tracy, Tracy” Tracy said “Just leave me alone.” Davis said “Tracy, come on don’t.” Tracy said “Leave me alone.”

According to a 2018 article by Laura June, in January of 1992, when Woody Allen and Mia Farrow had been together for 12 years, Farrow found nude photos of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi, who was 21 at the time, in Allen’s house. Farrow and Allen famously lived separately across Central Park from each other during their relationship. When confronted by Farrow, Allen, then 57, said that he had sex with Soon-Yi for the first time two weeks before. In August 1992, Allen released a statement that he was “in love” with Soon-Yi, Allen and Farrow’s relationship ended, and their biological daughter Dylan Farrow, who was at the time 7 years old, said that Allen had sexually abused her. Though he was never charged with a crime, Allen lost custody, permanently, of his children. Allen claimed Dylan had been “coached” by Farrow; Dylan has stuck to her story: she was, she said, sexually abused by her father. Soon-Yi and Allen later married in 1997 and were seen hanging out with Jeffery Epstein in 2013.

However, back in the mid-1970s, Epstein was apparently already doing well enough that he stalked girlfriends that had rejected him with a limo and a driver according to a 2019 Daily Beast article. Projecting an image of money may have helped him attract a woman his age from Coney Island who was lively and very pretty. But he had also acquired a quality that she was unable to abide. “She said she just couldn’t handle his arrogance.” her friend Bernard Laffer told The Beast. The woman broke off whatever connection she had with Epstein. “I guess he was a little obsessed with her, following her around,” Laffer recalled.

And then the story gets even better at demonstrating Epstein’s developing criminal mental illness with creepier stalking grandiose arrogant behavior. The woman went on a date with Laffer, then a twenty something law student who could only afford to squire her by city bus. They thus crossed Brooklyn from Coney Island to the Kingsway movie theater on Kings Highway. After the movie, Laffer and the woman emerged to see Epstein at the curb beside his chauffeured limo. “He kind of confronted her,” Laffer recalled. “I kept saying, ‘Leave her alone.’ He said, ’This is none of your business.’” Epstein started becoming what Laffer terms “a little animated.” “So, I pushed him out of the way.”

Laffer was an athlete who had grown up in the housing projects of Coney Island but not Sea Gate “I said, ‘I hope you’re paying your limo driver well, because when I start beating your [expletive], he’s going to have to jump in,’” Laffer remembers. Epstein retreated into the back of his limo and rode off.

In a 2002, Thomas Landon reported that when Epstein joined the board of Rockefeller University, he misrepresented his educational and employment background. A press release stated that he had “studied physics at Cooper Union in New York and then joined Bear Stearns, becoming a Limited Partner until 1981.” For some reason, Epstein failed to mention 3 years of study at NYU and 2 years of teaching high school at Dalton.

During a July 2019 Nexus program, contributing editor Jesse Kornbluth shares stories from 1987 that demonstrate Epstein’s fully developed criminal mental illness as grandiose, above others, self-absorbed, and highly conceited, and most importantly his strong belief that Epstein specialized in dealing with the sexual peculiarities of very important rich people, compromising them via blackmail, and that’s how he really made his money.

Nexus said, “So let’s start with you Jesse. How did you get to know Jeffrey Epstein back in the day?
Kornbluth said, “We met at a party. He started telling me stories. He knew who I was and he knew his stories were fascinating. They were stories about him as a bounty hunter. He would help people in America track down money stolen by dictators in Africa and other times, he would help those dictators hide their money. And I thought he would make a great subject. So I started to see him a bit and then things got strange. He asked me to accompany him to a law firm where he was going to serve a subpoena. We went to this firm and he didn’t get past the receptionist. It made no sense to me that someone who did the work he did was doing what a process server would do. And I lost interest in the project but he did not lose interest in me. The night before I was to marry a woman he had met, a beautiful talented writer, he called her at our home and suggested that since this was her last night of freedom she might come over and have sex with him. She thought he was kidding but he wasn’t. And then, as my ex-wife reminds me, something else happens. Very soon after, a man representing himself as me started calling women asking for a date. Epstein was the caller. He didn’t seem to realize he was calling friends of ours who got back to us and said someone is impersonating you.”

And then Kornbluth said “The question, why would someone impersonate me? This sounds self reverential but let me be brief. I was a star writer at New York Magazine. I had this fantastically talented beautiful wife and the most important thing of all, I was brilliantly educated at Harvard. And it’s the Harvard thing that is the key to this particular story. Epstein was obsessed with Harvard. You can see photos with him in Harvard sweatshirts. He gave Harvard a lot of money. He courted Harvard scientists and in some ways one of the tragedies of Epstein is he was, you know, a poor kid. Didn’t graduate from college. He was the little match boy and he was desperate, desperate to be inside the elite. And the way he found to do that was by dealing with the sexual peculiarities of very important rich people and compromising them.”

Nexus said, “Are you saying Jessie that, that is his great ladder, if you like, up to the elite rather than his brilliance as a financier? It is. There is no proof that Jeffrey invested a single dollar for anybody, maybe Leslie Wexner. But I think the trove of stuff that came out of his townhouse might contain the kinds of material that important people would not like to have publicized and if Epstein raised money by informing those people that he had that stuff then they might invest in his funds. That is the theory I find most palatable to explain how Epstein has a single dollar.”

And so there you have it. How a degenerating society contributed to the development of the serious criminal mental illness of Jeffrey Epstein and all his co-conspirators exposed for all the world to see. In our third episode of this series called Epstein Manipulation, we will focus on his wealthy friends as we try to unravel where all that money really came from.


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