Since the U.S. Senate was unable to produce a two-thirds majority or 67 votes of guilty on either of two articles of impeachment brought against Bill Clinton, he was acquitted. They missed finding him guilty of perjury by only 22 votes with 9 Republicans voting not guilty and one voting present. Why did 10 Republicans break rank, vote with the Democrats, and assure acquittal? Either they believed him not guilty or they believed that since they would not likely obtained the 67 votes, it was politically more valuable to vote not guilty.

While that sounds reasonable, it also sounds a bit selfish. Where’s their integrity? Weren’t they obligated to hold this public official accountable? I wonder if any of them owed Bill a favor? Meanwhile, did Bill Clinton right all his wrongs with the sincerity of this next admission of guilt or was he still the same old pathological liar? Did people forgive Bill and then vote for Hillary out of pity?

In that 2016 Sky News special report, Bill Clinton said, “Indeed, I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible. I misled people even my wife.”

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Time to make some real money

In 2001, the Clintons left the White House supposedly broke, founded the nonprofit Clinton Foundation, and saw Hillary elected to the U.S. Senate serving for eight years. Bill spent time with his friend Jeffrey Epstein and gave speeches. Finally, Hillary left the Senate to serve as Obama’s secretary of Ssate from 2009 until 2013 and in terms of money, that’s when they found their stride and really managed to accumulate the numbers. Here’s more from Peter Schweizer at Hillsdale College in 2016.

Schweizer said, “Ah, what are we talking about in terms of numbers? Well on the speaking fees, we’re talking about $160 million. And when it comes to the Clinton Foundation, we’re talking about $2 billion. How does this work? What am I talking about here? You’re basically talking about they use two mechanisms for money to come in to them. One is through the Clinton Foundation. The other is through speaking fees for Bill Clinton. Let me give you just a couple of examples of how this process works. First of all, I want to tell you a story. It’s a story about four things. It’s about Hillary Clinton. It’s about the government of Russia. It’s about uranium and it’s about $145 million in cash.”

And of course, we all love a good story about our most popular politicians and how they worked hard to make the world a better place for everyone, right? This one begins with Bill and Hillary in 2005.

The story Of uranium one

Schweizer said, “And the story is really quite simple. Back in 2005, a Canadian financier named Frank Giustra wanted to get uranium concessions in a country called Kazakhstan, which is run by a very nasty brutal dictator named Nazarbayev. Giustra had wanted these concessions for a long time. They were worth about $500 million and he couldn’t get them. So he decided to get on his plane and bring Bill Clinton with him. Why not bring an ex-president, right? They will give you the sort of prestige that you want. They showed up in Kazakhstan and Bill Clinton went about publicly in a press conference praising the leadership of Nazarbayev. Now, Nazarbayev has won every election by 90 some percent. He throws political opponents in jail. He’s a brutal dictator but you wouldn’t know it from the press conference that Bill Clinton gave. Bill Clinton not only praised him for his enlightened leadership, he actually said that this man should become the head of an international human rights organization. Something that had been rejected by both the Bush administration and Bill Clinton’s administration in the 1990s. Bill Clinton praised him and guess what? The next day, Frank Giustra got the uranium concessions. Three weeks after that, Frank Giustra sent a check to the Clinton Foundation for more than $30 million. Now the story does not end there because what Frank Giustra does there is he takes that uranium concession, he puts it in a company called Uranium One and he starts buying uranium assets in the United States in places like Utah and Colorado and Texas. When it was to the point where he has now purchased about 50 percent of U.S. future uranium production.”

And then he said, “Flash forward to 2009, somebody is interested in buying Uranium One and they are prepared to pay top dollar for it but there’s a problem. You know who wants to buy Uranium One, the Russian government. An entity called Rosatom, which is the Russian state atomic nuclear agency. Rosatom, these are the guys that built the nuclear reactors in Iran. They do nuclear technology exchanges with wonderful people like North Korea. This is the government entity in Russia that controls their nuclear arsenal. And Vladimir Putin believes that uranium is a way for Russia to exert its international control and its international strength. So the Russians want to buy Uranium One. What’s the problem? The problem, uranium is a critical industry and for that reason it falls under the rubric of federal regulations that require several government agencies including the State Department to approve the deal. Now as the Russians make this announcement in 2009, something strange happens with the Uranium One shareholders. Uranium One in Canada, that owns all this uranium, is not a very big company but you suddenly have this massive uprising of philanthropy. The nine shareholders in this company decide this would be a great time to increase their charitable giving and even better yet, they decide to increase their charitable giving to the Clinton Foundation. So they pony up $145 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and lo and behold 3 months later, what happens? Hillary approves the transfer of US uranium assets to the Russian Government. The Canadian financiers make out well, the Clintons make out well, the Russian government makes out well, the rest of us are all screwed. But that is an example of how the Clinton Foundation has operated and in a way that has lead to the self enrichment, has lead to influence peddling. By the way, the individuals involved in Uranium One, they couldn’t make campaign contributions to the Clinton campaign, they couldn’t set up a super PAC to help her candidacy but they could give $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

O man, that Peter Schweizer is just getting warmed up. Now let’s hear how Bill was able to totally turn around his sagging speaking career on the lecture circuit and really pull in the big bucks.

The amazing giver Of speeches

Schweizer said, “Let me give you now an example now from the speaking fees in the same way in which it works. Now Bill Clinton, like every president since Eisenhower hit the lecture circuit after he left the White House and nobody can fault him for that. At least I don’t. Ex-presidents can do that. But in the Clintons case it’s a little bit different because Bill Clinton left office as his wife was going into office. First, she was an influential U.S. senator then she became secretary of state. And so Bill Clinton in 2001 was giving paid speeches. He was making about $175,000 per speech, nice pay day. But something strange happens in early 2009. Now this is eight years after he’s left office. For most people on the lecture circuit, especially if you’re a government official, an ex- president, your speaking fees tend to go down after time, right? You’re not as exciting. You don’t have great inside stories to tell anymore. It’s just the way that things kind of work. But in early 2009, something great happened to Bill Clinton’s speaking fees. They went up by about three fold. Now what else happened in January 2009? Anybody remember? That’s of course when Hillary Clinton became secretary of state. Now, you know, you could perhaps argue that Bill became three times more eloquent, that he was three times smarter and that’s the reason his speaking fees went up. I think it had something to do with his wife now being at the center of U.S. national security decision making.”

And then he continued, “Let me just give you just one example how this works. There’s a Swedish telecom company called Ericsson. Now Ericsson has this habit of selling telecom equipment to oppressive governments around the world. They sell telecom equipment to Belarus, they sell to Venezuela, and of course most notoriously, they sell it to the government of Iran. And this was a problem for them. First with the Bush administration and then increasingly with Hillary Clinton’s State Department. As I point out in the book, there’s lots of State Department cables where we are brow beating the Swedish Foreign Minister telling them you need to get Ericsson in line. They need to stop selling this kind of equipment to the government of Iran. There’s a movement on Capitol Hill to ban the sale of any telecom equipment to the government of Iran and to basically force Ericsson’s hand. There is mounting pressure as this company is named in State Department reports and all evidence points to aggressive action taken by the federal government against Ericsson. Well, Ericsson thought at this time, it might be a great idea to pay Bill Clinton for a speech. Now they had never paid Bill Clinton for a speech before. He had been on the lecture circuit for 10 years. They had never paid for a speaking fee before but they decided this would be a great time to do it and you know, if you’re going to do it, you might as well go in big. So they paid him $750,000 for a 20 minute speech. That’s the most that Bill Clinton had ever been paid for a single speech before, by Ericsson. Bill Clinton gave a speech and something happened nine days later.”

They Must Have A Parallel Universe

And he completes his story with, “Nine days later, the State Department, Hillary’s State Department issued a statement under her name which said we are not going to take action to restrict the conduct of companies like Ericsson. We are going to count on them to ‘police themselves.’ Which is exactly what Ericsson wanted. Now, some people might say, you look at these examples, the Clintons know a lot of people. They’re very busy. These are probably just coincidences. The problem is this pattern of behavior occurs over and over and over again. And you are left with one of either two conclusions. First of all, maybe the Clintons operate in a parallel universe that is dominated by coincidence in a way that none of us could imagine or the old adage of politics is right. Follow the money and when you follow the money with the Clintons, what you end up with is a circumstance of rampant corruption and self enrichment. And where does that leave us? That leaves us simply with the case that this is not only about the Clintons, it’s about the future of the country because if something is not done about the apparatus that the Clinton’s have set up to take in this large influx of foreign money, this is going to become the wave of the future.”

Next time, it’s all about some deep state remedy with Drain the Swamp – P5: Corruption Rectification.