At a 2016 Hillsdale College speech, Peter Schweizer was introduced as follows, “And his most recent book, which caused quite a stir when it appeared is “Clinton Cash, the Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Bill and Hillary Get Rich.” I thought progressives are opposed to the 1 percent. For our final lecture of this Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar Topic ‘Money and Politics’, please welcome Peter Schweizer.”

Schweizer said, “Now for some of you of course, political intelligence, you would consider that an oxymoron. But political intelligence is very simply this. It’s usually an ex-politician or an ex-congressional staffer. They get paid by hedge funds to do what? To get information on what the government is going to do. So if there is a bill in the Senate that’s going to be beneficial to timber prices, you as a political intelligence operative would call your former colleagues and say hey, is this bill going to pass? Is it going to pass without amendment? You would share that information with the hedge fund which would trade on that information. Or for example, if Medicare is going to change reimbursement rates on certain procedures that’s going to have a dramatic effect on the profitability of certain health care companies, that’s information traders want to know. And so political intelligence is creating opportunities for what? It’s creating opportunities for insiders to profit from the complexity and the difficulty of operating in Washington, DC.”

So today, we are exercising our right of free speech in discussing the aspects of our extremely oversized government commonly referred to as the deep state or the swamp and various associated shenanigans. That’s secret maneuvering or dishonest activity. Political intelligence, or more commonly, influence peddling, is where someone essentially leverages some aspect of their experience in government to achieve some kind of self enrichment.

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Of course, wrongdoing can range from a seemingly innocuous liaison, to a violation of public trust, to an egregious felony, and it’s our job in the uncorrupted press like the BL to be ever vigilant in our effort to share only truthful accounts of news events with the American public every day especially given how this corruption is entrenched, widespread, and has already polluted today’s corporate media as they routinely turn a blind eye, disseminate disinformation, or just plain lie.

Schooled by socialists

Add to that the general intellectual handicap of our universally low quality public funded education affecting almost every American including myself and you have a disastrous recipe leading some citizens to legitimately doubt whether or not the swamp can be drained and our government rescued from depravity. Our socialistic secular school monopoly broadly denounces free market capitalism and generally graduates cookie-cutter thinking often unable to detect, refrain from, or solve the challenges of corruption. That’s one reason the corruption is so extensive, deep, and often complicated.

This depravity has been growing like a cancer for years and requires a once common moral aptitude and attention to detail that many of us are unable to develop in our public school system. With God banished from the classroom, attention deficit disorder (ADD) was often treated with drugs like Ritalin, former President Clinton was given a pass for his admitted crimes, and most graduates have no idea that Tammany Hall is a metaphor that describes 150 years of outrageous NYC political corruption by Democrats. Socialists just don’t teach students about the transgressions of American socialists or anyone else on the left.

Can the swamp be drained

In a February 2018 Hillsdale College speech titled “Political Corruption, Can the Swamp Be Drained,” Kimberly Strassel gave her assessment. As a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, she writes for the weekly column Potomac Watch, and wrote a national bestseller titled “The Intimidation Game, How the Left is Silencing Free Speech.”

Strassel said, “But one of the problems of course with being a conservative is that you are a born optimist and that it is our job to solve problems. And so the answer is yes, the swamp can be drained but I think what everyone needs to understand is that this is not something that’s going to be a small or inconsequential endeavor. It’s going to take a long time. And to do it, we first have to define what we mean by the swamp and what we mean by corruption. Because I think one of the problems that we have these days is that the definition of that has been defined by two extremes. On one side, we have a group of people that still have a dictionary definition of public corruption. And when we think of it in those terms, we tend to think of fraud, usually perpetrated for some sort of self benefit, either for power or for money. And, while I wouldn’t say that those things don’t happen anymore these days, they’re pretty rare. We’ve actually come up with a lot of laws, anti-bribery laws, campaign finance laws, transparency laws that are designed to guard against such obvious things like the Teapot Dome Scandal or Tammany Hall or even some of the excesses of the Nixon administration.”

She continued with, “That is unless your name is Hillary Clinton but that’s an entirely different speech. And then on the other end, we tend to have people, mostly commentators, whose definition of corruption is anything that they don’t like in politics whatsoever. Which of course isn’t really the way the world really works. They’re going to be things in politics that none of us like and so that’s not really a fair definition of corruption either. But I think we do need to talk about it because what we’re seeing in D.C. is a new type of everyday and pernicious corruption. And it comes, in my mind, from, as many things do, the new partisan environment that we live in, in D.C., in which all that matters to people is that they win. And so all of the norms, all of the rules, all the regulations, all of the things that you think ought to have applied to you, they don’t think apply to them anymore. All that matters is coming out on top and that’s the kind of corruption that now pervades Washington on a regular basis. It’s what I call regular corruption and nowhere did this corruption flourish more than in the past (Obama) administration which infused the federal government with a whole new level of partisanship and moreover, managed to make tens of thousands of career bureaucrats, who we know from polls that we’ve done in surveys we’ve done, tend to share the ideological inclinations of the past administration, brought them along with it and we did have a new level of everyday corruption.”

Why is winning all that matters

I think this everyday corruption has been significantly disrupted by the election of the partisan outsider and accomplished billionaire, Donald Trump. Notice how Strassel mentioned what she calls the new partisan environment where all that matters is that we win. Anybody else wondering where this attitude comes from? I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion.

By her own admission, Strassel recognizes that the complicated fraudulent behavior like that demonstrated by the Clintons is in a felony category not yet properly addressed by existing laws. As a fellow optimist and conservative with a responsibility to find solutions, I think deep state corruption is a consequence of the ongoing leftist deconstruction of our moral foundation.

We require our citizens to attend secular schools that do not promote God-fearing moral integrity and instead embrace a leftist ideology of selfish immediate gratification with no child left behind. So instead of encouraging people to always take personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions judged by God and thus affecting your soul eternally, the left encourages people to think of themselves, live for today, and care not for the consequences for they have no God and they have no soul.

American exceptionalism is based on liberty and a faith in God that encourages a selfless concern for the well-being of others. Our Founding Fathers created a government that depends on this altruism, on the concept of common decency, and on an understanding of expected trustworthiness. A man is only as good as his word. Otherwise, the greedy, the selfish, and the immoral establish a partisan environment where all that matters is that they win and continue their debauchery.

Why dispatch Democrats first

Meanwhile, as the swamp drains and more criminals are revealed, the Democrats become increasingly terrified. Think quid pro Joe and his boy Hunter. While I’m confident that eventually all perpetrators will be brought to justice regardless of party affiliation, I urge everyone to begin with Democrats for two significant reasons. The first one is that they have always embraced the wicked leftist ideology. I’m talking about big government and American socialism sold with lies like eliminating poverty, universal access to education, aggressively taxing the rich and so on.

The second reason goes like this. When you combine eight leftist Clinton years with eight leftist Obama years and eight years of business as usual with Bush Republicans, you have 24 years where government debt grew every year, almost 24 years of continuously increasing government spending, 16 Democrat years of increasing federal employees, and an environment rich in deep state shenanigans. Now add the unprecedented and vicious fervor of the Democrats and their puppets in the dirty corporate media to do or say whatever they can to remove this duly elected President and you have arrived at an aha moment.

You now have a better understanding of how we got here and why the Democrats must be dispatched first. This extensive group of scoundrels is clearly terrified by President Trump’s promise to drain the swamp and deliver each of them the punishment they so deserve. To support our programing, please mail your check or money order made payable to The Beauty Of Life to 195 South St. Middletown, NY 10940 and help us keep America great. Thank you.

So far we explored

So far, in part one of this multipart “Drain the swamp” series, called “Promised Land Beaver Dam,” we explored how once God was removed from our failed public school monopoly, busy beaver socialists in education and other government entities damned up the river of personal responsibility and flooded the American promised land with socialism, and an increasing number of citizens too dumbed down to recognize more and more scoundrels of government, media, and moral degeneration in general.

In part two, called “Impeachment, a guide to corruption,” we explored the deep state Democrat manipulation via impeachment attempting to stop the president from draining the swamp and revealing more of their criminal activity. In part three, called “Conflicts of interest,” we focused on some unscrupulous activities of the corporate media puppets and the Biden family via the insights of corruption crusaders Rep. Devin Nunes and author Peter Schweizer. In part four, called “Even more shenanigans,” we look at the Clintons and start out with politicians creating a demand for their services with a bill designed to milk outside entities for money.

Money in politics by Schweizer

Schweizer said, “So, my contention to you would be this. The problem for money in politics is not so much that you have got all these outside entities wanting to influence politicians and corrupt the process. What you’ve got are politicians who are creating a demand for their services by creating circumstances that force or compel outside entities to make contributions. Let me give you a couple of examples. First one, there is something in Washington, D.C. that is called a milker bill. Anybody here heard of a milker bill? Ok, a milker bill is something that has nothing to do with the dairy industry. It has nothing to do with cows. A milker bill is what it implies. It is a bill that is introduced to milk campaign contributions from either labor unions or from corporate entities. And so how does a milker bill work? Well if I’m a committee chairman or a powerful senator, I introduce a bill. Best thing to do is a special tax on a key industry. So I introduce a bill to the high tech industry saying ya know, I think Google and Microsoft in the high tech sector needs to pay a special tax, a sir tax because they are making too much money. So I introduce that bill with great fanfare. What’s going to happen? There’s going to be a rush of lobbyist coming to my office saying, ‘Wait a second. Why does Senator Schweizer want there to be a special surtax or tax placed on the high tech sector?’ And they are going to make all kinds of policy arguments about why it’s a bad idea. It’s going to hurt jobs. It’s going to hurt competitiveness, etc.”

He continued and said, “But that assumes that I am actually interested in the policy implications. If I’ve introduced a milker bill, I’m not interested in the policy implications. I’m interested in money. So after they make their arguments, I’m going to say that’s very interesting, thank you. I’m going to have to think about it. Well the lobbyist quickly get the message that the way to get me to think about it is number one, maybe hire a family member as a lobbyist. A lot of people don’t realize. One out of three U.S. senators today, sitting U.S. senators, has an immediate family member, that’s a spouse or a son or a daughter, who is a registered lobbyist. And there are numerous examples to show how wide spread this is and how ridiculous it is. But that’s the first thing I’m going to hope they’re going to do and that is hire maybe my son or my daughter as a lobbyist for their entity. The second thing I’m going to ask them to do is to raise money for me. And if they raise enough money for me and they show the commitment to me, I will withdraw the bill from introduction.”

Wow, I sure didn’t realize that one out of three sitting U.S. senators has an immediate family member who is a registered lobbyist. Imagine cross referencing a history of all relevant Senate legislation with that list of those thirty-some-odd lobbyists that are related to a sitting U.S. senator.

In any case, be sure to look for installment 2 of this 3 part article where we continue to illuminate more deep state corruption with Peter Schweizer, a model of extortion by government in the high tech industry, and start down the rabbit hole of Bill and Hillary Clinton.