During an Oct. 19 open hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said, “I now recognize Ranking Member Nunes for any opening remarks he would like to make.” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), ranking Republican and former dairy farmer from California said, “Thank the gentlemen. I’d like to address a few brief words to the American people watching at home. If you watched the impeachment hearing last week you may have noticed a disconnect between what you actually saw and the mainstream media accounts describing it, when you saw three diplomats who dislike President Trump’s Ukraine policy, discussing secondhand and thirdhand conversations about their objections with the Trump policy. Meanwhile, they admitted they had not talked to the president about these matters and they were unable to identify any crime or impeachable offense the president committed. But what you read in the press were accounts of shocking, damning, and explosive testimony that fully supports the Democrats accusations.”

Nunes continued, “If these accounts have a familiar ring, it’s because this is the same preposterous reporting the media offered for three years on the Russia hoax. On a nearly daily basis, the top news outlets in America reported breathlessly on the newest bombshell revelations showing that President Trump and everyone surrounding him were Russian agents. It really wasn’t long ago that we were reading these headlines. From CNN, “Congress Investigating Russian Investment Fund With Ties To Trump Officials.” This was false. The New York Times, “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.” Also false. Slate (Magazine), “Was A Trump Server Communicating With Russia?” This was false. NY Magazine, “Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart or His Handler?” This was false. The Guardian, “Manafort Held Secret Talks With (WikiLeaks Julian) Assange In Ecuadorian Embassy.” Also false. Buzzfeed, “President Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie to Congress About The Moscow Tower Project.” All of these were false. There was no objectivity or fairness in the media’s Russia stories just a fevered rush to tarnish and remove a president who refuses to pretend that the media are something different from what they really are, puppets of the Democratic Party. With their bias misreporting on the Russia hoax, the media lost the confidence of millions of Americans and because they refuse to acknowledge how badly they botched the story, they’ve learned no lessons, and simply expect that Americans will believe them as they try to stoke yet another partisan frenzy.”

So here’s a little more of that mainstream media disconnect which Nunes just mentioned. Remember he said last week we saw three diplomats who disliked the president’s Ukraine policy each saying they were unable to identify any crime or impeachable offense committed by the president. As it turns out, Wikipedia is also dominated by the very same leftist opinion, which Nunes just demonstrated. That’s a media without objectivity or fairness in a fevered rush to tarnish and remove a president who refuses to pretend that the media are something different from what they really are, puppets of the Democratic Party. A fake news gang purposely terrified of the truth, the ultimate disclosure of their complicity in widespread corruption, and of course, exposing their major conflict of interest. Corporate mainstream media is corrupt, terrified, and heretofore, not to be trusted.


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After an Internet search for impeachment inquiry, I discovered that Wikipedia reports that the inquiry began after a whistleblower alleged that President Trump used the power of his office to solicit foreign help to supposedly discredit one of his main political rivals, Joe Biden, during a July telephone call with the president of Ukraine. So far we agree on the unsubstantiated allegations, but many of us may also believe that that Congress is grossly over stepping it constitutional authority for executive branch oversight and that’s its really none of their business since we have voted in President Trump to conduct our foreign policy legally, as he sees fit. And Congress clearly does have more pressing responsibilities to take care of. But instead, the do nothing Democrats utilized the allegations of the secret whistleblower to kick start the impeachment and they are attempting to prove these allegations even though the President already released the transcript of the same July call which essentially exonerates him of any wrong doing and therefore reveals the inquiry as simply one more expensive and unjustified Democrat Party attack on the president. It would be nice if we could subtract the cost of this failed impeachment from their congressional salaries and make them think twice about their next frivolous attempt to attack the president.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia further reports that subsequent testimony from witnesses indicated that President Donald Trump and other top government officials secretly pressured the leaders of Ukraine and other foreign nations to publicly announce politically motivated investigations of former U.S. vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. They, the witnesses, also testify that Ukraine was pressured to support a fringe theory that the previous Ukrainian government, not Russia, was behind the interference in the 2016 U.S. election. So the first myth is that during the July call to Ukraine’s new President Zelenskiy, President Trump was trying to force Ukraine to reopen a probe into Burisma Holdings, the gas company that paid Hunter Biden and associates over $16 million. But he was not. According to an October 2019 article by John Solomon entitled “Debunking Some of The Ukraine Scandal Myths About Biden and Election Interference,” President Trump could not have forced the Ukrainians into opening a new Burisma investigation in July because the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office had already done so on March 28, 2019, or about three months before the call. No quid pro quo.

A second myth or Wikipedia fringe theory is that there is no evidence that Ukrainian government officials tried to influence the American presidential election in 2016. But they did. According to the same John Solomon article, there are two documented episodes involving Ukrainian government officials’ efforts to influence the 2016 American presidential election. So Wikipedia can now be added to the fake news gang and are also not to be trusted. During a 2016 widespread corruption probe, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin learned that Hunter Biden had received millions from Burisma and was most likely going to expose the corruption of the Biden family. Subsequently, in clear violation of U.S. ethics rules that require all government officials including the vice president to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest in taking official actions, quid pro Joe blackmailed the Ukrainian government and we have him on video bragging about it.

During a January 2018 discussion at the Counsel on Foreign Relations, Joe Biden can be seen on video brazenly sharing his conflict of interest violation story back when he was serving as vice president and bragging about his quid pro quo extortion forcing the Ukrainian government to either fire Shokin, the guy about to expose his son’s corruption or the U.S. government would deny Ukraine a billion-dollar loan guarantee. And the Ukrainians complied with Biden’s threat and fired their prosecutor general.

Joe Biden said, “I went over, I guess the 12th or 13th time, to Kyiv and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee and I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko (former president of Ukraine) and from Yatsenyuk (former prime minister of Ukraine) that they would take action against the state prosecutor (Shokin, former prosecutor general of Ukraine) and they didn’t. So as they were walking out to a press conference, I said I’m not gonna or we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority, you’re not the president. The president said. I said call him. I said, I’m telling you’re not getting a billion dollars. I said you’re not getting a billion. I’m gonna be leaving here I think it was about six hours. I looked. I said I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well son of a [expletive removed], he got fired and they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

So what do the Bidens, the Democrats controlling the House, and their puppets controlling the media all have in common? They are all part of an extensive system of political corruption called the swamp or the deep state and they are dead serious about keeping it hidden from the public. That’s why they keep attacking the president nonstop, keep changing their story and constantly exaggerate as many details as possible. They all have a lot to lose. I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion. Today, I would like to begin by expressing a heartfelt thank you to President Donald Trump, his entire administration, and to all the elected politicians of integrity who aren’t engaged in corruption. I would also like to thank all the bureaucrats willing to be honest and give up their programs and even their jobs due to the realization that our government is way too big and needs to be drastically down-sized because of all the current unnecessary socialism that’s responsible for our current deep state disaster, which is way beyond what was intended by the framers of the U.S. Constitution. Thank you.

And finally, I like to extend a special thanks to all the average Americans who understand their civic duty to their country, who are willing to step forward, and who are willing to keep this conversation going even while being shouted down by the deep state deniers until we can transform this country back to the honest American traditions that made America great. I’m talking about a tradition of a relatively small government with no socialism, low taxes with no public funded or mandated education, and a reverence for God, moral behavior, and free market capitalism. Please be sure to leave us a comment and share this video/article. Help us get it right and get the word out to as many as possible. Thanks again.

In part one of this multipart “Drain The Swamp” series, called “Promised Land Beaver Dam,” we explored how once God was removed from our failed public school monopoly, busy beaver socialists in education and other government entities damned up the river of personal responsibility and flooded the American promised land with socialism, and an increasing number of citizens too dumbed down to recognize more and more scoundrels of government, media, and moral degeneration in general. In part two, called “Impeachment, A Guide To Corruption,” we began to explore the deep state Democrat manipulation via impeachment attempting to stop the President from draining the swamp and revealing more of their criminal activity. In part three called Conflicts of Interest, we are providing more unscrupulous activities and schemes at the heart of modern government corruption. In 2016, Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Clinton Cash—The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Bill and Hillary Get Rich,” gave a speech at Hillsdale College called Money and Politics.

Peter Schweizer said, “Thank you for that warm introduction. It’s great to be here and to be associated with such a fine institution as Hillsdale College. Now back in 2011, something happened that really nobody paid attention to. You see, back in 2011, Washington, passed Silicon Valley to take the crown as the city in America with the highest per capita income. Washington, if you look at the 10 wealthiest counties in the United States, seven of those are counties that border our nation’s capital. Washington, a couple years ago, passed Napa Valley California for the consumption of fine wines. … Now we have come to this state in America where I contend you that the size and growth in government is not just a function of liberal ideology. It’s a function of profitability. Here’s the basic problem. Big obtrusive government is not only a dream of for ideological liberals, it also creates potential opportunities for self enrichment. And I want to talk to you today about some of the techniques they use.”

The big obtrusive government, which Peter Schweizer referred to is mostly unnecessary socialism that has grown like a cancer since the early 1900s. This socialism includes our public-funded education system that burdens all working people and property owners with high taxes and refuses to teach the truth that our country was made great in it’s first 150 years by honest capitalists and hardworking God fearing free men who were all personally responsible for their own fates with no socialism. With a small government, low taxes, a moral and generous people made America great. But with socialism comes big inefficient government, lies, exaggerations, and too many programs with too many bureaucrats and too many officials all with a conflict of interest and the strong desire for self enrichment. Schweizer said, “First of all, let’s talk a little bit about self enrichment. Anybody here been to Washington, recently? If you’ve been to Washington, recently, you will find there are lots of construction cranes, and that the nicest restaurants are absolutely booked on a Wednesday night. It’s hard to get in. Washington is booming and part of that is the size and scope of government. You’ve just got more government employees, you’ve got more government contractors, but you have an additional problem. And that is that big government creates opportunity for making lots of money.”

Schweizer went on to say, “And let me just give you a couple of examples. First one here, anyone involved with finance or corporate finance, that has worked in that field? You all know and I’m sure everybody in this crowd knows that insider trading on the stock market is illegal, right? If you worked for General Electric and you know in advance that the quarterly financials are coming out and GE is going to very very well, you know you better not buy GE stock in advance because if you do that on insider information or you share that information with somebody that does that, you are probably going to go to jail. But there’s a loop hole particularly for those in Washington. If you are a U.S. senator. If you are a government bureaucrat and the government, your agency or your senatorial committee is going to make a decision that is going to affect dramatically the health of a major U.S company, you as a senator, are free to buy or sell stock in that company. It is not technically illegal for you to do so.”

So our elected officials significantly affect the enrichment of 2 million federal employees and scores of private equity managers, government contractors, and media executives. As the fox guarding the chicken house, the dirtiest politicians who are likely the wealthiest, are not about to change these rules that are supposed to govern their behavior unless they are pressured by the press. But I contend that the small cadre of media owners who control almost all American media are obviously in on this insider information trading or other corruption schemes and purposely do not hold our representatives and government bureaucrats accountable. Proof of this claim can be seen in the recent story of ABC squashing the Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago, then the recent firing of the wrong leaker by their supposed competitor CBS, or the media smear and dismiss to go along with the Democrats mentality as demonstrated in these impeachment hearings.

Nunes continued by saying, “In previous hearings, I’ve outlined three questions the Democrats and the media don’t want asked or answered. Instead of shedding light on these crucial questions, the media are trying to smother and dismiss them. Those questions start with what is the full extent of the Democrats prior coordination with the whistleblower and who else did the whistleblower coordinate this effort with? The media have fully accepted the Democrats stunning reversal on the need for the whistleblower to testify to this committee. When the Democrats were insisting on his testimony, the media wanted it too.” So the corporate media all mysteriously go along with the Democrats. How about if the media doesn’t report what Rep. Nunes has to say and exaggerates the testimony of witnesses to incriminate the President like Wikipedia. And if the press doesn’t tell us the truth about political wrong doing, how do we know that politicians are doing it? Well let’s ask Peter Schweizer.

Schweitzer said, “How do we know they are doing it? Well let me give you some statistics from a study that was done a couple of years ago in something called the Journal of Quantitative Economics. Now if you are looking to fall asleep at night and you’re having trouble, I suggest you subscribe to the Journal of Quantitative Economics because I know next to nothing about math but here’s what they did in this study and it’s absolutely fascinating. They looked at how well people did in their stock market investing and what they found is that the average American, which would certainly include me, actually tends to under perform the market in their stock picks. The average American usually doesn’t do very well … The average corporate executive that’s trading their own company’s stock, they tend to beat the market by about 5% per year. So they actually do pretty well. They understand the industry. They understand their company. Hedge funds, the guys that not too far from here get paid very large fees, tend to beat the market by averages of 7% a year. Now here’s where the study gets interesting. United States senators, they tend to beat the market by 12% a year. So my question for you, my fine audience, is, are our U.S. senators just simply more brilliant than we give them credit for, that these guys should all be running hedge funds or is something else going on? And I would contend to you that something else is going on and that there is ample evidence that it’s going on. But it’s not just a function of Senators or elected officials trading stocks on the stock market and winning big. There is a growing industry in Washington that’s even more profitable than lobbying or government relations and that something called political intelligence.”

So most of us at this point can now easily imagine how complicated and extensive this deep state corruption really is, the various ways our tax money enables it, and how there’s a fundamental solution. Eliminate socialism, drastically shrink the government, and significantly reduce these corrupt opportunities. Hopefully, the free market will reform the corporate press with bankruptcy after the truth causes enough of their audience and sponsors to abandon them. That’s actually one of the cost effective benefits of a truly free market. Or just legislate some change after a bunch of the crooked go to prison. Meanwhile, we must educate ourselves of these new fangled devious methods like the extortion paradigm that go far beyond the simple corrupting forces from the days of old. Mr. Schweitzer said, “In other words, the paradigm is one of bribery. Politicians get tempted by outside corrupting forces. They can’t help it and they end up basically going along with those corrupting forces. Well that certainly does happen, but I would contend with you that a much larger problem is what I call the extortion paradigm. And what is the extortion paradigm? Think about it in terms of economics. If you are a politician and you know you need to raise money for election or re-election and also you’ve got political action committees (PACs) you want to fund. You can use, by the way, some of those PAC dollars to subsidize your life style. So it can also make some of your quality of life better, what do you need to do as a politician in that kind of environment? You need to create a demand for your services, right?”

Schweitzer continued, “I mean nobody is going to throw money at you because they like you. Some people will. In a lot of cases you have to drum up support. Now there are individuals, there are lots of individuals who give to candidates out of the pure motive of simply wanting to support somebody they like to get elected in office and there are those individuals who just basically give to politicians because they think it’s their civic duty to do so but most surveys show that over 50% of people operating in the corporate environment don’t contribute because they want to. They contribute because they feel like they have to. 58% in one survey of corporate executives said the reason they gave political contributions is because they felt if they didn’t, bad things were going to happen to them. And this is precisely where the political class wants things. So my contention to you would be this. The problem in politics is not so much that you have got all these outside entities wanting to influence politicians and corrupt the process. What you’ve got are politicians creating a demand for their services by creating circumstances that force or compel outside entities to make contributions.”

Think of the Democrats who have been in office for decades. But don’t despair good citizen. Apparently, between President Trump and the Republican party, there are enough respectable and honest politicians willing to do the right thing that they scare the Democrats and their deep state accomplices silly with their promise to drain the swamp. Some of these Republicans still have integrity and shine like gold in their attempts to expose the press and get to the bottom of this extortion paradigm. And this time it involves the Bidens.

Nunes continued by saying, “The media have joined the Democrats in dismissing the importance of cross examining this crucial witness. Now that the whistleblower has successfully kick-started impeachment, he has disappeared from the story as if the Democrats put the whistleblower in their own witness protection program. My second question, what was the full extent of Ukraine’s election meddling against the Trump campaign? In these depositions and hearings, Republicans have sighted numerous indications of the Ukraine meddling in the 2016 elections to oppose the Trump campaign. Many of these instances were reported, including the posting of many primary source documents by veteran investigative journalist John Solomon. Since the Democrats switched from Russia to Ukraine for their impeachment crusade, Solomon’s reporting on Burisma, Hunter Biden, and Ukraine election meddling has become inconvenient for the Democratic narrative and so the media is furiously smearing and libeling Solomon. In fact, the publication, the Hill, who used to employ Solomon, told its staff it would conduct a review of Solomon’s Ukraine reporting.”

He continued with, “Coincidentally, this decision comes just three days after a Democrat on this committee told a Hill writer that she would stop speaking to the Hill because it had run Solomon’s stories and she urged the writer to relay her concerns to The Hill’s management. So now that Solomon’s reporting is a problem for the Democrats, it’s a problem for the media as well. I’d like to submit for the record, John Solomon’s October 31st story entitled Debunking Some of Ukraine’s Scandal Myths About Biden and Election Interference. I encourage viewers today to read this story and draw your own conclusions about the evidence Solomon has gathered. I ask unanimous consent that we put this in the record Mr. Chair?”

Chairman Schiff replied, “Without objection.” Nunes continued, “The concerted campaign by the media to discredit and disown some of their own colleagues is shocking. And we see it again in the sudden denunciations of New York Times reporter, Ken Vogel as a conspiracy theorist after he covered similar issues including a 2017 Politico piece titled “Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire.” My third question: Why did Burisma hire Hunter Biden, what did he do for them, and did his position affect any U.S. government actions under the Obama administration? We have now heard testimony from the Democrats’ own witnesses that diplomats were concerned about a conflict of interest involving Hunter Biden. That’s because he had secured a well paid position despite having no qualifications on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company while his father was vice president charged with over seeing Ukrainian issues.”

So really there are plenty of things to be to hopeful about and I strongly believe that good shall prevail over evil. More and more Americans see the connection of this impeachment hoax with the Russia hoax, they understand that the dirty Democrats are desperate and acting in lockstep with a dirty media, that President Trump and his supporters are the good guys, and that many Americans have learned to recognize fake news, this deep state corruption in our government, and who we can be trusted for righteous action and real news.

Nunes concluded by saying, “After trying out several different accusations against President Trump, the Democrats have recently settled on bribery. According to widespread reports, they replaced their quid pro quo allegation because it wasn’t polling well. But if the Democrats and the media are suddenly so deeply concerned about bribery, you would think they would take some interest in Burisma paying Hunter Biden $83,000 a month and you’d think they would be interested in Joe Biden threatening to withhold U.S. loan guarantees unless the Ukrainians fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. That would be a text book example of bribery. The media, of course, are free to act as Democrat puppets and they’re free to lurch from the Russia hoax to the Ukrainian hoax at the direction of their puppets masters. But they cannot reasonably expect to do so without alienating half the country who voted for the president they’re trying to expel. Americans have learned to recognize fake news when they see it and if the mainstream press won’t give it to them straight, they’ll go elsewhere to find it. Which is exactly what the American people are doing. With that I yield back.” Next time we’ll explore more examples of modern government corruption with “Drain the Swamp part 4- What Else Do They Have Up Their Sleeves.”