In a self-made Twitter video on Nov. 6, 2019, actor Robert Davi said, “My dear fellow Americans, I’m currently in New York and I want to talk to you briefly about what I think is the most egregious, seditious behavior from the United States Congress in the history of our nation. These impeachment hearings of the Democrat Progressive Communist Congress, led by Adam Schiff and the rest of them, we have. At the end of the day, what does it really amount to? Let’s be honest about it. It’s about impeaching one man who’s our President of the United States. That’s what it’s about. Where was the damage? Did he get payola from Ukraine or China like the Biden kid did? Did that happen? Did they sell arms for things? What’s important right now? The Congress should suspend these impeachment hearings. You understand that? You do nothing Democrat Congress! You’re seditious. You’re no good!”

He continued by saying, “Pelosi, you should stop this right now. Right near California, 9 people were killed weren’t they? Burnt up! Little babies shot because of the cartels. We’ve been telling you about the border problem, about the drug problem for years, and you’ve done nothing about it, the do nothing Democrats, the subversive Democrats. (Gov) Gavin Newsom, your step son, or whatever the hell he is in California. The crime that’s happening in California. The disrespect in New York City that I’ve seen to our police officers, and crime and criminals. This most seditious Democrat Party, I spit on you. I spit on you. And it’s time that the American people spit on them. Something must be done. They have to suspend what’s going on right now in Congress. They’ve gotta suspend it and take care of immigration. Let’s do something about these cartels. I played a Columbian drug lord. I was in Mexico for a year. I did a lot of research on this. Let’s do something about this. Congress should suspend what’s going on right now. They should stop. They should suspend what’s going on. Nine people were killed, shot, babies. What if it was your family? Let me ask you, what if it was your family? What would you do? But it’s not because you’ve got gates, and you’ve got buildings and you’ve got security. The American people don’t.”

Wow, what a scathing rebuke and at the same time, an insightful political summary from notorious bad guy movie star Robert Davi. He refers to the current impeachment hearings as seditious behavior by the do nothing Democrat Progressive Communist Congress that continues to ignore our problems of sanctuary cities that hamstring law enforcement or illegals at the border and I think he’s fairly accurate. Seditious means inciting or causing people to rebel against the authority of the state and in this case, we have a political party in cahoots with a corporate media and other less obvious deep state operatives that are hell bent on taking out our duly-elected, popular, and historically effective president.


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