A Republican from Texas is alarmed after discovering Joe Biden’s administration prioritizes unlawful violence and intimidation over power sovereignty.

Sen. Ted Cruz is deeply concerned that the current president is more interested in funding acts of terrorism.

“They would rather fund terrorism and the worst regimes on the planet, it is appalling,” he said according to Fox News.

Cruz believes Biden should be much more interested in securing the nation’s energy supply.

“[Biden] created the energy crisis that we are facing with their war on energy,” he said according to Fox.

The senator revealed he recently introduced the Energy Freedom Act to restore American energy independence. However, the Democratic Party did not overwhelmingly support the bill.

“They could solve it themselves, and … instead of taking those options, they want to purchase oil from places like Iran and Venezuela,” he said.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) supports the Republican’s proposed legislation in principle and recommends more U.S. oil and gas production to stop the nation from relying too heavily on Russian imports.

“We are going to ramp up our energy, produce the oil, natural gas [and] build the pipelines,” the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources chairman previously said.

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