Gordon Chang, an expert analyst on Chinese issues, questioned the Chinese Communist Party’s handling of the pandemic, indicating that the deliberate actions of General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping, caused the world to fall under the threat of the CCP Virus pandemic.

In a recent interview Chang had with Express UK, he assured that in the face of China’s malicious behavior there was evidence that measures had been taken to attack the nations of the world with the virus in spite of the CCP categorically denying it.

Possible CCP motivations

“China maliciously spread this disease beyond its borders. This could have been accidental release from a lab or it could have been from the wet market, who knows,” Chang said. “But what is important is not how the disease started but rather what Beijing did in response to it,” he added, noting that the way the CCP dealt with the situation suggests that what it really wanted was to take advantage of the pandemic by harming other countries.

“We, of course, don’t know what was in Xi Jinping’s mind,” he continued. “Having seen what the coronavirus [CCP Virus] did to cripple China, if he wanted to level the playing field by spreading the disease beyond his borders, he would have done exactly what he did do.” 

Chang, who is also a political author and a lawyer, questioned the information coming out of China and also emphasized his fear that the CCP’s real intentions were to deceive the world. “Beijing only announced the human-to-human transmission on January 20, but the doctors in Wuhan knew about it the second week of December,” he said.

CCP early reactions

For Chang, Beijing’s reaction was extremely irresponsible in trying to hide relevant information that showed the virus could be transmitted from person to person, while at the same time doing nothing to prevent international travel to and from China.

As for the pronouncements that President Donald Trump has been making, calling for the CCP to be held accountable for mismanagement of the outbreak that originated in Wuhan, Chang said in an interview on Fox News‘s “America’s Newsroom” that he was right to adopt a harsh tone with the CCP.

The expert said previous administrations had instead tried to cooperate in relations with the CCP “while knowing that Beijing was ‘acting badly,”

He noted that the White House was now moving in the right direction after the president declared that CCP’s deliberate decisions and incompetence in the face of the CCP Virus outbreak had led to “mass murder around the world.”

As for Xi, earlier this week he made controversial statements reaffirming that CCP’s work during the pandemic had been exemplary, emphasizing that it had been transparent and responsible.

And then there’s the WHO

Chang also referred to another major player in the pandemic—the World Health Organization—accusing it of helping to spread the false idea that the virus did not spread from human to human.

“This disease is a lot worse outside of China because of the actions of the World Health Organization,” said Chang, who is also a foreign affairs journalist.

Meanwhile, last week Chang spoke to Cabot Phillips, editor-in-chief of the conservative website Campus Reform to denounce the CCP’s efforts to infiltrate U.S. university campuses to steal research and spread propaganda.

Several prominent members of the College’s Republican National Committee along with the Democrats of the American College recently submitted an open letter to U.S. college campuses calling for the permanent closure of the Confucian Institutes.

As the National Review reported, the CCP has funded Confucian Institutes in universities around the world, ostensibly to promote knowledge of Chinese language and culture. However, U.S. officials have warned that the institutes essentially serve as propaganda for the CCP.

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