In March 2018, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said, “First all of we’ve been here before. We’ve been here before with the Great Depression, we’ve been here before with World War II, even the Cold War. And the answer has been an ambitious and directed mobilization of the American economy to direct and solve our problem, our biggest problem. And historically speaking, we have mobilized our entire economy around war. But I thought to myself, it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when our greatest existential threat is climate change. And so to get us out of the situation, to revamp our economy, to create dignified jobs, to guarantee health care and elevate our educational opportunities and attainment, we will have to mobilize our entire economy around saving ourselves and taking care of this planet.”

I agree, we have, been here before and as Harry Truman once said, “The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.” According to a 2004 article in the Journal of Political Economy by UCLA economists, Harold L. Cole and Lee E. Ohanian, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal extended the Great Depression by seven long years. “The economy was poised for a beautiful recovery,” the authors show, “but that recovery was stalled by these misguided policies.”

So according to this relatively new religion of bad science, we are all to believe that the sky is falling because Chicken Little keeps saying that climate change is our greatest existential threat and, wait for it, the only way to save the world is to rush into one more gigantic blundering rebuild under socialism. Clearly, AOC does indeed showcase our greatest existential threat but it’s not climate change. As a product of our extensively flawed education industry rewarded with an annual congressional salary of $174,000, she demonstrates that our socialist public school monopoly has not only failed us by teaching her a completely twisted version of our history and economic ways but also fulfills at least two important goals necessary for the communist take over of America. The subjugation of the school system and the sabotage of spiritual belief. I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion and please be sure to comment and share this article. Help us improve and get the word out to as many as possible. Thank you.

Proof of my claim lies not only within the words that come directly from the mouth of our elected congresswoman but also from the cheering audience she gathers. She’s preaching to a choir of similar graduates and their collective inability to discern reasonable dialogue from utter nonsense is disturbing. For example, people who were taught to believe the big lie that Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s monster of socialism, the New Deal, solved the problems of the Great Depression when in fact, the New Deal was largely responsible for that massive worldwide economic failure.||ed32f3ab2__

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Regardless of what Wikipedia claims, the New Deal’s ambitious and directed mobilization of the American economy undoubtedly made things far worse but don’t take my word for it. Read Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman or a 2018 Foundation for Economic Education article called What Caused The Great Depression that defines the final two phases as follows. After Hoover left office, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” expanded Hoover’s interventionism into nearly every aspect of the American economy, thus deepening the Depression and extending it ever longer. And then labor laws such as the Wagner Act of 1935 struck the final blow to the remaining healthy sectors of the economy, dragging the last remaining bulwarks of productivity to their knees.

Moreover, according to a 2019 article by The Balance titled “The US Debt and How It Got So Big,” the Roosevelt administration legislated the largest percentage increase in the national debt by adding $236 billion between 1933 and 1945. While the vast majority of this figure certainly includes the massive spending absolutely necessary for the defeat of evil during World War II, the war expenditures essentially hide an extreme increase in domestic socialism, which initiated a trend of increasing national debt every year to this day. And public schools dominated by socialists are not likely to encourage any student to sort this out which conveniently keeps the entire subject of New Deal accountability forever in the shadows.

Our school system, run by strategies of socialism need these important lies that denigrate capitalism and will never successfully train students in a field of study that would lead to this inevitable conclusion. Any form of socialism, especially in education, is inherently wicked, degrades human behavior, encourages lies to maintain control and should therefore never be advocated. The fact that, to this day, there is a widespread belief that some how the massive spending of tax payer money by a gigantic government of well paid bumbling bureaucrats somehow magically out performed the free market capitalism of the moral god fearing America and its small government that existed before the New Deal that made us a super power in the first place is a fraud perpetrated by socialists with their hands in the public money jar. Think about it.

Unfortunately, there are a number of us who are easily distracted by the pretty smile, the pie in the sky promises or the confusing news speak of progressives like AOC who stated on her website that she graduated from Boston University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and International Relations. Since then she has demonstrated an exquisite incompetence for the very subjects of her study, which speaks volumes about her as well as schools like Boston University. See if you can identify the economic wisdom of the ages welling up from the deep intellect of the esteemed scholar in the following?

Margaret Hoover asked AOC the following in August 2018. “Do you think that capitalism has failed to deliver for working-class Americans or is no longer the best vehicle for working class America?” AOC replied “Well I think the numbers that you just talked about is part of the problem right because we look at these figures and we say, ‘Oh unemployment is low. Everything is fine right? Well unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids.’ And so I do think that right now when we have this no-holds-barred wild-west hyper capitalism, what that means is profit at any cost. Capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not always exist in the world.”

After AOC got elected to Congress, MSNBC asked her, “Of other items on your policy agenda that you made very clear throughout: ‘Medicare for All,’ Federal jobs guarantee, and tuition free public universities and trade schools. Those look, to a lot of people, like promises of gifts under the tree but they wonder how they’ll be paid for. Now you’re in a position to carry these out. How, at a time when the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says our debts and deficits are exploding or gonna cripple us, how do you pay for things like that?”

AOC said, “It’s an excellent question. First of all, I think we need to kind of look at the damaging history, legislative history, of what we’ve done with our taxes. Not only did we have a four hundred billion dollar GOP tax cut that could have actually forgiven every single federal student loan in America. We spent that money in December and we spent it on tax cuts for the corporations and the very rich. But it means reviewing the Bush tax cuts. It means making sure that also that we understand the power of the purse that Congress has. That you know when the United States was in the Great Depression, that is when we perceived the New Deal. It was when people precisely said we have the least amount of ability to do this that we actually committed to an economically ambitious agenda that transformed the future in the course of this nation. And I think that it is absolutely possible but what it takes is the political courage to do it.”

MSNBC said, “To raise taxes. To roll back the tax cuts in other words.”

AOC said, “And not only that but also understand that the federal government does have the ability in the similar way that we had in the New Deal to spearhead some of the this agenda and some of that financing as well.”

Don’t worry if you are unable to understand what AOC was talking about. Almost nobody does. Like all the infamous big mouthed communist leaders, they blather on incessantly about things like a workers paradise, the dictatorship of the proletariate, economic determinism and systemic racism in grandiose schemes that should magically work as long as you support them and don’t ask too many questions. It’s purposely designed to confuse almost everyone but while it makes very little sense it can apparently generate good grades at Boston U.

The American school system has failed us and is definitely in need of a major undirected mobilization. I suggest we work to remove all public funds from all education, rebate all the tax payer money as soon as possible and allow a completely unregulated free market to solve the problem of education for everyone who feels they or their children are in need of it. I strongly believe in God fearing Americans and our model of capitalism and government practiced in the 1800s. It’s the traditional American Way.

Meanwhile, our current socialist public school monopoly fosters a wicked unchecked left leaning bias missing the balance of common sense, guidance by the fear of a Judeo-Christian God and school survival based on the capitalistic principle of satisfying enough paying customers to stay in business. Socialism and all its advocates are always compelled to lie or at least exaggerate about their own success and true value. Capitalists can lie as well but sooner or later their customers will hold them accountable and they go out of business.

Inescapable cookie cutter government controlled school curriculum mandates universal brainwashing and allows or even encourages busy over-taxed parents to be lazy or apathetic in their never ending responsibility to determine appropriate learning for their children. By removing God and almost all competition, our central school system and its seemingly inexhaustible ability to leverage more and more of our tax money obliterates almost all healthy competition, any real innovation and subsequently, dumbs us all down. Here’s what you get when you mandate grade school attendance by law.

Margaret Hoover asked in 2018 “You use the term occupation of Palestine?”

AOC replied, “I think what I meant is like the settlement places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulties.”

Hoover said, “Do you think you can expand on that?”

AOC said, “I am not the expert in geopolitics on this issue.”

FoxNews Abbey said, “Well that is clear. Here to react, Michael Knowles, host of the ‘Michael Knowles” show. Michael good to have you with us.”

Michael said, “Abbey, good to be here.”

Abbey said “All right you listen to the DNC and that is the future of their party.”

Michael said, “That is the future of their party. I think she’s a good representative. The Democrats at this point are proudly ignorant and thoroughly anti-Israel, so it makes sense. This poor girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is not making a great first impression and that is the lasting one. What do we know about her since her campaign hit the national stage? She’s a liar. She lied about her upbringing. She pretended to be from a poor part of the Bronx and grew up there. In reality, she grew up in a ritzy part of one of the ritziest counties in the country. I know this because I grew up in the town over from her. So we know that and now we know that she is proudly ignorant. She has this great line. She says you know I don’t really know a lot about this but I firmly believe. You know frequently wrong but never in doubt. She uses the slogans that we’ve seen from Democrats now for the past 20 years. You know we heard in the Bush-era, Bush lied people die. He didn’t. We heard no more no war for oil. There wasn’t one. Now we hear Trump colluded with Russia. There’s no evidence of that and the myth of Israeli occupied Palestine, which I believe is the country east of Narnia and west of Wakanda (a fictional country created by Marvel Comics) is another example of that. You know Margaret Hoover in that television program scratched just below the surface and Ocasio-Cortez had no answer. She didn’t know anything. All she had learned was ideology. I think apparently Yorktown High School is not as good as we all thought it was.”

Abbey said “By the way Michael, to your point, she went to Boston University. She says she doesn’t know geopolitics in that interview. She majored in International Relations so obviously this is something that she claims to know a lot about. Kudos to Margaret Hoover in that interview for simply listening and following up with can you please expand on this?”

And what about climate change? For crying out loud, global warming or climate change happens all the time and there’s really nothing to fear except leftist alarmists once again trying to steal your money, waste your time, and compromise your freedom. Don’t let them and by all means, please follow your mother’s advice and be sure to dress warm or wear sun screen. And thank God for the natural wisdom and credibility of mothers who, for centuries, were not only confident that humans were not in charge of the weather, they also imparted profound wisdom to their easily frightened children with folktales like Henny Penny, Chicken Licken or Chicken Little where a nervous chicken hit on the head by a naturally falling acorn believes the world is coming to an end and repeatedly exclaims “The sky is falling!”

This phrase has subsequently passed into the English language as a common idiom indicating a hysterical or mistaken belief that disaster is imminent. The moral of the story: Don’t believe everything you are told, be brave and try not to behave like a crazy chicken. And if you are still worried about climate change, try getting up early before the sun comes up, likely anywhere on the planet and feel global warming as the sun hits your face and share in one of the most common sources of great comfort to god fearing humans for millennia.

And while I have never been a practicing Christian nor a Jew, I am a devote spiritual man that understands that the greatness of the American Way is based on the profound and positive impact of Judeo-Christian principles. In the biblical book of Matthew, chapter 7, verse 3, it reads “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” The leadership trainer and secular educator Jeffrey Benjamin said that true leaders take responsibility while false leaders blame. Has AOC learned this valuable lesson?

AOC said, “What I will say is that I definitely had a staffer that had a very bad day at work. And did release a working draft early so I get that’s what they are seizing on. But really what we need to do is to have a serious conversation. Even in those draft versions, what they were talking about is really about the fact that we need to innovate on our technology. Obviously, like I had a staffer released a document that talked about cow flatulence.”

MSNBC said, “Which is an issue. I just wanna say. It sounds ridiculous but it literally is an issue.”

AOC said “But its actually an issue when it comes to contributing to methane, but that doesn’t mean you end cows. It means that we need. What it means is that we need to innovate and change our grain, our cow grain from which, you know, they feed, in these troughs. We need to really take a look at regenerative agriculture. Like these are our solutions.”  And finally, with the credibility of Chicken Little verified, we are now sufficiently prepared to hear some collective wisdom on the proposed legislation to save the planet from eminent destruction by climate change.

In 2019 FoxNews said, “What is this Green New Deal? Answer, radical environmental socialism.”

Sean Hannity called it, “A real serious threat to our way of life.” U.S. Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) called it “an absurd socialist manifesto and cheese burgers and milkshakes will become a thing of the past.” U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) said, “It’s a green socialist manifesto.” U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) called it ,“a socialist experiment.” Referring to AOC and the Green New Deal, FoxNews said “It’s like when your kids spew nonsense at you and you’re like, quiet and learn something before you come back to me. She was a bartender like two years ago.” Brit Hume said,“She’s adorable sort of in the way a 5-year-old child can be adorable.”

President Trump said, “And she’s ranting and raving like a lunatic.” U.S. Rep Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said, “They’re trying to get rid of all the cows.” U.S. Rep Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said, “I support cows.” FoxNews said, “We’re gonna ban hamburgers?” Sebastian Gorka, author of “Why We Fight and Defeating Jihad,” in his CPAC speech said “[The Green New Deal] is a watermelon —green on the outside, deep, deep red communist on the inside … They want to take your pickup truck. They want to rebuild your home. They want to take away your hamburgers. This is what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved. You are on the frontlines of the war against communism coming back to America under the guise of Democratic socialism, which is just the PC term for communism.”

Please be sure to leave us a comment, share, and help us improve and get the word out. Next time, we’ll reveal the big secret why people claim the sky is falling and explore Al Gore the hype king in Climate Change P2: Lying Sincerely With Science.