On Wednesday while demonstrating support for Iceland and all our strategic allies, Vice President Mike Pence re-iterated the Trump administration’s end to the old era of economic surrender and the new policy of forcing communist China to improve its behavior. Referring to the days of 1986 and the strong stance of the anti-communist champion President Ronald Reagan, the Vice President reminds Americans of our former subservient economic stance tolerating massive trade budget deficits in favor of China and their despicable theft of U.S. intellectual property and technology.

The vice president said, “But we also have a president in President Donald Trump who’s made it very clear to China that the days of massive budget deficits, in some years 500 billion dollar budget deficits between the United States and China, the days of intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer, are over. As President Trump said not long ago, the era of economic surrender is ended. And we have a president as we did back in 1986 who is willing to take a strong stand.”

Iceland is one of the oldest constitutional republics with a multi-party system. The head of state is President Johannesson and he formally appoints the Prime Minister, currently Karin Jakobsdottir, who essentially runs the government like the president of the United States. According to Metro News, Iceland’s Prime Minister is a 43-year-old anti-war feminist and a democratic socialist environmentalist who obtained office after the country was rocked by a cycle of scandals that triggered three elections in the past six years. A snap election was called by former Prime Minister Benediktsson in September 2017 over a furor caused by his father writing an inappropriate letter of support for a convicted pedophile. Less than a year earlier, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson stepped aside as prime minister amid public fury over the Panama Papers revealing his family had sheltered money in offshore tax havens.


After meeting with President Johannesson and Prime Minister Jakobsdottir, Vice President Pence emphasized a strong stance on free and fair trade according to international rules of commerce so often ignored by China in the past. Vice President said, “The United States is taking a strong stand on free and fair and reciprocal trade with China. We just had a new round of tariffs that we announced that were imposed on China. President Trump will continue to take a strong stand until we see China begin to open their markets, begin to recognize the international rules of commerce that govern the interaction between Iceland and America and nations all across the globe. And we remain very hopeful but we’ll always put security first.”

And with regard to security, the vice president specifically exposed how a communist country like China actually controls technology companies like Huawei who pretend to be legitimate in order to gain access and secretly steal information from all their customers, compromising the security of the free world.

Vice President Pence said, “Huawei is essentially a Chinese company, that under Chinese law is required to turn over all the data that it collects to the Chinese government and the Communist Party. And the reality is we don’t believe that that’s consistent with the security of free nations. We don’t believe it’s consistent with the privacy of people that enjoy freedom in nations like the United States and Iceland. And so I urge the foreign minister today as I will the prime minister to join us in calling on nations across this alliance to reject that Huawei technology.”

Finally, the vice president voices American support for the people of the U.K. and their decision for the independent sovereignty of Britain to exit the European Union as well as gratitude for Iceland in their rejection of China’s economic plan to link up with countries on the original Silk Road by land and sea via trade deals called One Belt One Road. Since the communists have proven to be untrustworthy, many U.S. allies are avoiding this Chinese plan.

Vice President Pence said, “Make no mistake about it America respects the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. Respects the will of the people of the United Kingdom and we say we respect and support the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union and we will continue to express that support and hope to see the European Union and the United Kingdom come together around that negotiating table that Prime Minister Johnson spoke of just a few days ago and reach an agreement that will, that will meet the needs of the aspirations of the people the United Kingdom and also provide for an orderly, orderly Brexit. The United States is grateful for the stand Iceland took rejecting China’s Belt and Road financial investment in Iceland. We truly believe that it is essential that we strengthen the ties that bind nations across this region of the world. And for Iceland to take that stand, was an important step and one that we greatly welcome.”