Some are “down” or don’t understand why President Trump announced the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus vaccine and are already looking for Pfizer’s connection to elite companies and leaders.

It is public knowledge that the president doubts a lot about the effectiveness of vaccines, and he has openly stated that he would not get one. So, did he change his mind? Was he “bought” by a pharmaceutical corporation?

First, let’s review the context: Everyone is being brainwashed by the same message that resonates in unison: “Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine.”

Since the pandemic broke out, President Trump has been constantly “dumped” dead and infected in the United States, which today totals 244,000 and nearly 11 million, respectively, as if it were all his negligence.

They have wanted to corner and crush him, so, under immense pressure, he has to come up with a “solution.”

Think of the perverse and cunning tactics used unscrupulously by the leftists, insisting on their lies.

Today, there are still people who think that communism is not bad. Lobbyists financed by the elites, including LGTBQ and radical pro-abortion feminism, are perverting the morality of humanity and even succeeding in annihilating common sense in a good part of the population.

The same happens with the vaccine and the pharmaceutical lobby—perhaps one of the most powerful in the world—which has much more impact because they have scared everyone with the CCP Virus. Even trials are being carried out in Third World countries for developed nations.

So, from this point of view, even though President Trump is against the pharmaceutical mega-corruption, he has only a couple of options to win in this chess game.

So, we come to Nov. 13, and President Trump’s announcement about the advance of the vaccine.

But, let’s think a little: Doesn’t President Trump’s move, announcing the vaccine, remove the need for the strict confinement strategy proposed by Biden?

Besides, there is a fact that is not so insignificant: It will not be mandatory, as the leftists want. Couldn’t this “detail” leave an opening for later exposing possible adverse effects of the vaccine and for each one to choose whether to get it or not? In the face of these possible contraindications, could President Trump formally announce that he will not get the vaccine? Wouldn’t it promote a world trend if the president of the most powerful country in the world pointed out the irregularities of the vaccine from one of the most recognized laboratories on the whole planet?

President Trump also stressed that the vaccine will be free if not for everyone, at least seniors. That means the state will manage the distribution of the doses. So, if they are left in the hands of the patriots, what could happen? Is it the same if Pfizer markets the vaccines freely, leaving them available to anyone who is in the control of loyal Trump administration officials?

As we know, President Trump and the patriots have a plan to fight the globalist-communist power. So, amid the maelstrom of the election campaign, one fact went almost unnoticed: President Trump pushed for alternative treatments!

Didn’t he point out, on several occasions, that he was cured of the CCP Virus by these treatments? It was a bit subtle, but if we pay attention, during several campaign rallies he called the therapeutic treatments “vaccines.” Was it a mere coincidence that he called these treatments, subtly but opportunely, “vaccines”? What kind of “vaccines” could be announced in the following months?

Let’s remember that at the beginning of the pandemic, President Trump tried to push hydroxychloroquine, which is based on an ancient drug, with no side effects. However, he was systematically attacked with narratives that aimed purely and exclusively at destroying or making the drug disappear, to such an extent that the president was ridiculed as “unbalanced” and wanted people to take chlorine!

It is hard to imagine how many times he would have to step back, and what that struggle would be like, if he were to go “all the way” with what he thought. It’s hard to believe that a president of such a large and rich nation doesn’t even have much freedom to exercise his ideas freely. The truth is that, at least until today, there is hardly any talk of hydroxychloroquine anymore.

President Trump is being advised by “scientific experts” on this issue of the CCP Virus. However, he does not believe in these “experts.” It is not easy for President Trump to be surrounded by enemies and jealous people, and “experts” with ulterior motives.

Although these things sound so simple, it seems that few people reason about them, but do they not make sense? How can some patriots say that President Trump sold out to the globalist elite and supports the “plandemic”? Have they lost their common sense?

We need to have a warm heart, but a cool head to analyze and support the steps of this straight and traditional force that has emerged in this chaotic world, draining the swamp, not only of Washington but of the entire world.

Patriots; do not despair, keep your faith intact and trust in the plan. God is on our side.

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