Visiting a flea market often means finding exciting things to buy. I always look for fine porcelain or other things to decorate my home with.

Sometimes you can get some really great bargains, just like this British woman who bought a small ring.

But after wearing it daily for 30 years, she learned a secret about the ring — a secret that changed her life.

A good bargain makes it easy to fall in love with certain things and I usually trust my gut instinct when deciding whether or not to buy.

At a flea market outside London in 1980, a woman, who chose to be anonymous, bought a ring for about $100. It was very beautiful and there was just something special about it that made her buy it.

Became curious

The ring became a permanent feature on one of her fingers and she wore it daily for 30 years. But one day she became curious to and wanted to know more about the ring. Where did this ring come from? Who has worn it? Is it worth anything?

She decided to go to a jeweler and get it inspected. And that was when she learned the unimaginable.

The ring turned out to be a 26-carat diamond ring made in the 19th century, wrote Business Insider.

Jeweler Jessica Wyndham, who inspected the ring, informed her that it’s an amazing find.

As a jeweler, she was excited about the ring — it’s worth a life-changing amount of money, she told Evening Standard.

Worth millions

How much is it worth? Yes, the ring was worth a huge amount of money. More specifically, around 1 million dollars. The woman chose to sell it at auction and Wyndman said that the woman had no idea it contained diamonds. At the moment she bought it, it was dirty and had very little sparkle.

“She came to us wondering if the diamonds in it were real and if it was worth anything. Most of us can’t even dream about owning a diamond that’s so big,” she told Evening Standard.

What a wonderful surprise for this woman!

What did you do with the money? Share your ideas in the comments and reshare!

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