A woman from Pennsylvania has, by chance, adopted a dog she was forced to give away years prior. Both the dog and the woman couldn’t believe it, when the two once best friends, were reunited at the shelter.

Nicole Grimes, from the US state of Pennsylvania, fondly remembers the day she got her first puppy. It was a gift given to her by Nicole’s grandmother. “I was 10 years old and all I wanted was a puppy. She was wearing a pink bow when Nana gave her to me,” she told the BBC. “We were best friends.”

She named the puppy Chloe, who was very active and liked to bark. Unfortunately, Chloe and Nicole’s father never really liked each other. When her father got a new home-based job, she already knew the dog might become problematic. “My dad got a new job working from home but Chloe was too yappy and he had to be on the phone all the time.”

Four years after receiving the dog, Nicole was forced to give her up again. “I remember my dad picked me up from school when I was 14 with the dog in the back seat,” she recalled. “I knew we had to give her away.”

Earlier this year, Nicole was browsing Facebook when she came across a post about a pomeranian-poodle cross, called Chloe, who was up for adoption. What Nicole didn’t know yet, was that the dog that was up for adoption was exactly her childhood puppy she had to give up several years before. “When I found out they were both called Chloe it was really strange,” she said.

The penny finally dropped when Nicole saw Chloe in person and the two were reunited once again. “When she was dropped off she came running up to me and was licking my face. Then I knew in my heart that she had to be the same dog.” To confirm that it was really her Chloe, Nicole had the dog’s microchip checked. Much to both her and her husband’s delight, it was her dog. “We couldn’t believe it. It’s just crazy!” she said.

The now 11-year-old pomeranian-poodle cross is settling in well at home. Although she’s aged a bit, Nicole says she’s still as active as ever. “She is a little smaller and has no teeth, but she still loves to run around,” she noted.

It was the best surprise Nicole could’ve ever asked for. “I felt like I won the lottery. I never thought I’d see her again,” she said. Some things are really meant to be, and by the looks of it, Chloe was always meant to be Nicole’s dog.

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