Air Force veteran Ron Hyde stood in his near-empty apartment, a used mattress and a $25 dollar pink thrift store chair making up most of his belongings. Though his possessions were few, Hyde was thankful he had a place to live.

Hyde had just decided to end his chemotherapy treatments. Not knowing how much time he had left, he wanted to enjoy it without all the stress that accompanies chemo.

Tears welled in his eyes as he sat in his naked apartment, contemplating death. It was a difficult, uncomfortable topic, a fear that Hyde believes we all struggle with from time to time.

But a trip to Goodwill to purchase his $25 dollar pink chair took an unexpected turn, lifting the veteran’s spirits as a community rallied around him.


Hyde had just purchased the chair, but couldn’t find anyone with a vehicle large enough to drive it to his El Cajon, California, home.

A woman from Ramona, Calif. took to social media, asking for someone to help bring the vet’s chair home. But Hyde never expected the response that would soon reduce him to tears.

Two days after his Goodwill purchase, a large U-haul rolled into his apartment complex. Strangers from Hyde’s community began unloading the truck, bringing all kinds of furniture and home essentials through Hyde’s front door.

As Hyde watched people stock his pantry with food and assemble a cozy new bed in his room, he was overwhelmed with emotion. The veteran had to turn away from the cameras as he choked back tears of joy.

Kneeling at his kitchen counter, Hyde thanked God for the provision that materialized out of nowhere. Thanks to a few compassionate souls, Hyde now has more than just a shelter — he has a home.

“Who knows how much time he has left?” one good Samaritan expressed, as pretty lamps and cozy blankets were placed around Hyde’s new couch.

“But we can at least make it comfortable — he doesn’t have to live on a mattress in the corner.”

Now, as Hyde’s body begins to recover from chemotherapy, he can lie on a new bed. He can rest in an inviting bedroom instead of a stark, uninviting space.

He managed to pull himself together, a wide grin spreading across his aged face. “It’s been like a little miracle,” a humble Hyde confessed.


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