Our interactions with nature aren’t always as cinematic as Hollywood makes them out to be. Most of the time, we go along with our lives, disconnected from our natural environment. But sometimes, something will come along to make us confront the things we’ve lost touch with. Whether it’s in the form of a massive storm or something considerably less destructive, like a wild animal. This was the case for Oscar Luciano who made a furry new friend on a routine stop on his UPS route. 

With the holiday season in full swing, UPS driver Oscar Luciano has been busier than usual delivering packages and gifts to customers. By now, he’s used to encountering all kinds of people, with his job taking him to dozens of houses every day. 

Recently, while delivering a package to a home in Illinois, Luciano had a different kind of encounter. He explained it in an interview with The Dodo. Luciano said, “I’m always jamming to music, so I’m bobbing my head. Then this squirrel just jumped out of nowhere.” 

In the captured security footage, Luciano is seen waiting for the owner of the house to come to the door, a package in his hands. As he’s waiting, Luciano drums his fingers on the package, obviously grooving to his own beat. When suddenly, a squirrel appears and jumps on his back. 

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think Luciano and the squirrel had already formed some kind of friendship as he doesn’t seem the least bit startled when the furry-tailed animal hops onto him. 

Illustration – Pixabay

“I think squirrels are cool. I love animals, so I guess that’s why I didn’t get scared,” he said. “That was actually pretty cool. I felt like Snow White and her furry friends.”

Luciano, like a seasoned pro at handling these kinds of encounters, just laughs the whole thing off. Probably to the confusion of his customer, who opens the door right as the squirrel scurries off. 

Perhaps the UPS driver was a Disney princess in a past life? Watch the hilarious encounter below: