Imagine growing up with a dog as your best friend. You’d never be lonely, there would always be someone to play outside with, and you know you have a loyal companion who’s got your back regardless of the situation. Kids who grow up with family pets, especially dogs, are always considered lucky for these very reasons. Two-year-old Jason has all these reasons, and one more, to be thankful for his dog, Brutus.

The toddler’s family found the pit bull in a distressed state when it’s his former owners left him in a pool of dog food, in their home. Brutus’ family moved after they came into some trouble with the police, but they left all their personal belongings and their dog behind. It was at this time that the neighbors decided it was best to call an animal rescue team.

These events turned out to be promising for both Brutus and Jason’s family because after he was abandoned and sent to the shelter, Jason’s family adopted the pup. Since then, the toddler and dog have been inseparable. Brutus knows that he needs to look after his little human friend, and Jason knows that he’s got someone he can always count on.

This realization was also important for the family because one night Brutus sensed that there was something wrong with Jason.

After understanding that the two-year-old wasn’t ok and that he needed help, the family dog went into mom’s room and tried to wake her up. When she didn’t budge much, the dog forced her up and to her son; she found Jason having a seizure and instantly took him to the hospital.

Had it not been for Brutus, things could have taken a turn for the worse that night. The family is extra thankful to him, and they know that they can rely on their dog to ensure that the family, especially Jason, is always safe.

Click on the link below to meet Brutus, watch the story, and see the two bond like best friends!

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