Loyal, affectionate, friendly, intelligent, stress-reducing are just a few of the characteristics that make dogs the best companions. They’ll always go above and beyond for you, never ask anything in return, and there’s no better example of this kind of behavior than Todd, the puppy who saved his owner from a rattlesnake bite. 

In Arizona, snakebites are very common. According to the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center, each year, approximately 8,000 venomous snakebites are reported. They’re so common, in fact, that the Humane Society of Southern Arizona offers rattlesnake avoidance classes for dogs to give them the necessary training to help prevent potentially deadly, and expensive to treat, snakebites. 

One day in Phoenix, Arizona, Paula Goodwin took her dogs, Todd and Copper, out for a morning stroll. It was a day like any other, that is until they came upon a rattlesnake. Goodwin recounted the incident on Facebook, “So this morning, was up bright and early to go on a hike on 7th street,” she wrote. “But as we were walking down the hill, I literally almost stepped on a rattlesnake.”

She continued, “But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me. He jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have got bit.

“This is what a hero looks like,” she added.

The post quickly went viral and has, so far, been shared more than 5,000 times. Facebook users weren’t the only ones to take notice. Popular dog biscuit brand, Milk-Bone, saw the post and nominated Todd for their annual Dog of the Year Award. 

Following the incident, Todd was in the hospital for 12 hours. But luckily, he was able to make a full recovery. Thanks to this hero, Goodwin was spared from a potentially life-threatening injury. And the pair were able to attend the Streamys, an award show honoring excellence in online videos, together. This is also where the two accepted Todd’s win for Milk-Bone’s Dog of the Year.

No other dog has been more deserving of the Dog of the Year award than Todd. We hope he got a lifetime supply of doggie treats.  

Check out the pair accepting the award below:

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