There is nothing like the comfort of finally coming home after a journey. Be it a long adventure or a short business trip, there’s a reason why they say “home sweet home.” Obviously, finally being reunited with your loved ones once again is the main reason behind the saying.

After being out of town on a business trip, Matt Gorski couldn’t wait to finally get back home to Brooklyn, New York. Little did he know that someone special was ready to greet him as soon as he stepped foot into the house.

A newly adopted rescue puppy was ready to make his acquaintance in all his wiggly tailed glory. Matt’s reaction was, as expected, as cute as the dog’s — it was definitely love at first sight, if the jumping, kissing, and baby talk is anything to go by.

“It was a moment of pure happiness, no doubt about it,” Matt told The Dodo. “It was the happiest day of my life.”

The incredibly cute moment was captured on camera by Matt’s girlfriend, Jenna Sacks, who was hoping for a magical first encounter. She posted the video on her Facebook page writing, “I surprised Matt Gorski with a golden mix puppy as a very early birthday gift. Best. Reaction. EVER.” 

The couple had been thinking about adding another rescue to their family — so when she saw George Michel on Bideawee animal rescue’s website, she knew that the puppy would make the best early birthday present for Matt.

Watching love at first sight unfold in front of her own eyes, was enough to bring Jenna to tears. “I was crying because it was so cute,” Jenna said. “If I watch the video now, it still makes me tear up. They were both so happy.”

Matt and Jenna were not the only family members to rejoice at the most recent addition. The couple’s 7-year-old mix, Ponyo, was more than happy to finally have a little brother.

“She’s been a little lonely since we lost her pit bull brother a few years ago,” Jenna said. “The difference in her has been unbelievable ever since we brought George Michael home. She’s so much more active now and he’s always following her everywhere.”

George Micheal is only six-months-old, and he was welcomed at Bideawee from the Carolinas after the shelters were evacuated during hurricane season. Chances are that this is his first family, and he spends every day showing how grateful he is to finally have one.

“We could not be any more thrilled to have him,” Matt concluded. “He’s just a sweetheart and is so playful. He’s definitely my spirit animal.”

Home is where the heart is, and George Micheal has finally found a new home in Jenna and Matt’s hearts.  

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