Many young women dream of their wedding day and having their fathers walk them down the aisle. But Jennifer Urs Sullivan’s dream was shattered. Her dad passed away of a heart attack before her wedding.

“I thought about who else could walk me down the aisle, but I didn’t want to replace him,” she (Jennifer Urs Sullivan) said. “I thought who could represent him (rather) than act as a substitute.

” It turns out that person was someone who represented Jennifer and her father’s love of football. Her day wasn’t as sad as it could have been thanks to the oh-so-thoughtful Sebastian, the University of Miami Mascot!

Jennifer Urs Sullivan is pictured below, looking absolutely stunning on her wedding day.

Sebastian, the University of Miami Mascot, steps up to escort Jennifer down the aisle to a standing ovation.

Everyone is smiling during Jennifer’s touching walk down the aisle. On her Facebook page, Jennifer said this was the “best moment of my life right here.”

Jennifer and her husband Patrick Sullivan right after they said their vows: 

A very happy, loving wedding party. Congratulations!

Jennifer and Patrick Sullivan are expecting their first child, a daughter, in August. 

“Seeing the standing ovation and cheers and the looks on everyone’s faces – that took me out of the moment and let me focus on happy things and not be upset for my father,” she (Jennifer Urs Sullivan) said.