If you were a dog loving teenager and saw a sign that read “free puppy” next to an adorable pup, chances are you would scoop him up and bring him home. That’s exactly what one teen did when he saw Neo. He had wanted a dog for a long time and saw it as an opportunity.

Once Neo was home, his new owner noticed that he was different than other puppies. He was hard to handle, would not potty train, and seemed to be very high energy, more so than regular puppies.

Since this teen was a college student, he realized he did not have the time and attention that Neo needed. While he was in class he would leave the dog outside in his backyard only to find holes dug everywhere and Neo on the other side of the fence playing with other dogs. So, the teen built an even taller fence in an effort to keep Neo secured. But Neo was tenacious and he just chewed his way through the fence instead.

Then something alerted the teen. One day following one of Neo’s great escapes, he was invited into the neighbor’s house. The usually happy and excited Neo turned into a reclusive and scared dog who wouldn’t even make eye contact. Nothing cheered him up, not even treats. However, once he was back in his yard he seemed perfectly fine. After a while, he began to show a pattern of this behavior which led the neighbors to call the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

As soon as the experts arrived to assess the situation they immediately realized that Neo was not a dog at all. Neo is, in fact, a Wolf Dog! And sadly, the only people allowed to have such a breed are Native Americans and by special permit only.

The Humane Society immediately called the Wolf Connection in the Angeles National Forest in California. After contacting Neo’s owner they all agreed it was the best situation for him. And wouldn’t you know that on his very first night of arrival, he joined a pack and began howling at the moon? He seemed to be right where he belonged.

Neo is happy in his new home, just watch the video where he shares his joy with his new family.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch

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