It is believed that people don’t choose cats, but cats choose their owners, which I believe is true. However, it is not unusual for dogs to get to choose their human parents as well. That is exactly what happened to the lovely dog Earnie and the New York UPS driver Jason Coronado. 

This man meets many dogs while on the job, and he is very fond of each and every one of them, however, Earnie is a bit more special than the rest of the pooches that crossed Jason’s path. This is their story. 

Facebook/Cindy Grisanti

One day, while Jason was making his rounds, Earnie, the pit bull-terrier mix approached him and hopped into the truck as though the two were acquaintances. Jason found this very cute.

The dog belonged to the Buffalo City Animal Shelter and was out with one of the shelter employee’s who was taking him for a walk when the encounter took place.

Time passed by and Jason couldn’t help but think of Earnie all the time. He kept wondering whether someone adopted the dog or he was still at the shelter.  One day he decided to visit the shelter and check on Earnie who was still there. It looked like no one was interested in offering a forever home to the sweet puppy. That’s when Jason knew he had to have him.  

This driver and his family decided to take Earnie in forever and that’s the best decision that have ever made. This dog changed their lives and brought happiness in their days.

Facebook/Jason Coronado

In an interview, he shared:

“He is very joyful. I’m upset I didn’t take him home earlier.”

Earnie is the cutest pet. He loves running around as much as he likes taking naps. He loves his human family very much and never forgets to remind them how thankful he is for adopting him by wagging his tail and being the happiest dog ever.

Facebook/Jason Coronado

Thanks to Jason, Earnie got his happy ending. If he wasn’t for him who knows what would have happened to the sweet pooch.

Animals that are in a shelter and given for adoption might end up waiting for their family in months, or even years. The unlucky ones are never given a forever home and spend their whole life at the shelter.

When Jason adopted Earnie, that made the shelter staff happy and encouraged them to believe that the rest of the dogs like Earnie, who have been waiting for adoption longer period of time, will find a home.

We do hope this heartwarming story will be a reminder to always consider adoption over buying a pet. 

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