Sean Laidlaw, who served two tours in Afghanistan, was leading a bomb disposal team in Syria in February 2018.

After a nearby school exploded and collapsed, Sean heard the sound of whimpering coming from the rubble.

Underneath a slab of concrete, Sean discovered five puppies. Four, sadly, were killed in the blast — but the fifth was still alive.

Sean named the adorable yet terrified Asian-shepherd-cross puppy Barrie. For the next three days, he returned to the bomb site to check on her and bring her food and water. That was all it took for the pair to become, and stay, inseparable. Sean went so far as to get Barrie a bullet-proof harness to protect her from potential danger.

Sean knew he’d be heading back home soon, but he also knew he couldn’t leave his new best friend in war-torn Syria. So he started raising money to bring her home to him. With help from War Paws, a charity that brings dogs home from war zones, Barrie was transported 3,000 miles to the UK.

Seven months after Sean and Barrie met on that fateful day in Syria, it was time for the reunion he’d been waiting for. However, Sean was incredibly nervous that Barrie wouldn’t remember him, or that her personality had totally changed.

After all, Barrie went from a tiny puppy to a full-grown dog in the time they were separated…

Source: littlethings

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