Most plane rides are, at best, fairly uneventful and mildly uncomfortable. No one really enjoys being packed into small airplane seats where there is never enough leg room and breathing the same stale air as everyone else on the plane. The food, if there is any, is subpar and let’s not even talk about the restrooms. However, on what seemed like a normal transatlantic flight, Diane Hollified Cupp experienced something that made her flight unforgettable and memorable, and made her forget about any of the things that make flying uncomfortable.

Diane had been visiting Germany, touring important World War II sites. Of course, many soldiers fought and died on that soil. Then, on the flight home to Atlanta, something completely unexpected happened. Also on the flight was a young Army private. He was accompanying the remains of a fellow soldier to their final resting place in Houston, Texas. The plane’s captain made a special announcement that the private and his important charge would be disembarking the plane first.

Little did everyone know that there was something special about to happen when the private, and the remains of the fallen soldier, would begin to disembark the aircraft. A group of people on the plane had planned something special to honor the soldier.

As the young man left, sounds of “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic” filled the plane. The Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir, a high school choir, was also on the flight that day, and they sang the hymn to show respect for the fallen soldier. Diane captured the amazing moment on video and shared it, and the awe-inspiring moment has gone viral.

Click below to watch the impromptu and beautiful performance for yourself. Please share the video so that everyone can experience this touching moment of respect for those who risk their lives to protect each of us!

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